SGS ESG Assurance Solutions Brochure

SGS has operated as an industry leader in sustainability and ESG service provision for over 25 years. With expertise in all major industries, we understand each sector’s pain points and have the technical expertise and logistical capabilities to ensure realistic sustainability outcomes. Global Technical Expertise & Network Utilizing a global network of more than 2,600 offices across 89 countries, we offer high-level support to clients who are addressing local, national and international sustainability risks. Our experts offer comprehensive technical support while understanding the local language, standards and customs, making it easier for companies to facilitate both local and global projects. Consistency of Service & Execution We deliver consistent results with excellent customer service and support. Our clients receive end-to-end support – from contract to report – and gain peace of mind through services that are delivered with integrity. Services Portfolio Integrated solutions allow us to operate as a single vendor covering all client types and areas of ESG. Our holistic service packages are tailored to meet the individual needs of the client and not the general demands of the industry.


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