2020-21 Transfer/Online Guide

2020-21 Transfer/Online Guide

CHOOSING UW-SUPERIOR Whether you plan to transfer to UW-Superior on-campus or online, you’re in good hands. UW-Superior offers over 50 undergraduate degree programs, plus a variety of certificates. Here is why we stand out among other four-year universities:


ON-CAMPUS ANNUAL TUITION AND FEES Wisconsin Residents $8,140 Minnesota Residents $9,215 Non-Residents $15,713* Books and Materials $1,000

AN AFFORDABLE EDUCATION UW-Superior has one of the lowest tuition rates of any four-year university in the region, and more than 82 percent of our students receive financial aid. Along with many options for scholarships and student employment, we want to make sure your time at UW-Superior is financially within reach. At UWS, you can get a quality education at a fraction of the cost.


$3,630-$4,040 $4,940-$5,210

Single Room


$4,740 $3,190

Meal Plan


Tuition reciprocity allows Minnesota residents to attend UW-Superior and pay the same tuition rate they would pay as a Minnesota resident attending the Minnesota State University System. *The Non-Resident Tuition Waiver (NTW) is available for out-of-state residents, other than Minnesota, based on academic standing and financial need. The NTW enables the university to waive $5,300-$7,200 of your tuition. Not applicable for online students. uwsuper.edu/NTW

We understand the needs of transfer students, and our dedicated transfer coordinator provides one-on-one support to ensure a smooth transition. ONLINE STUDENTS HAVE THE SAME SERVICES AS ON-CAMPUS STUDENTS For more than 40 years, our online learning program has offered students at a distance access to library services, tutoring, advisors, student support services, a transfer specialist, career services and more. OUR ALUMNI ARE SUCCESSFUL A UW-Superior education prepares you for a career and equips you with creativity, curiosity and an understanding of the world around you. You’ll be well-rounded and able to adapt to whatever career path you decide to take. At UW-Superior, there is a 100 percent post-graduate success rate for 23 academic programs and a 95 percent success rate overall.

ONLINE CREDIT AND CLASS RATE Undergraduate per credit rate Health & Wellness Management


$440/credit $440/credit

Sustainable Management

** Each course is assessed a $60 technology fee, plus a $16/credit segregated fee (except for Health & Wellness Management and Sustainable Management programs)

ACCREDITED COLLEGE OR UNIVERSITY As long as the courses follow a similar curriculum and you received a grade of “D” or higher, the credit should transfer. Some degree programs require at least a “C” or higher in order to transfer to UW-Superior. TECHNICAL COLLEGE UW-Superior offers many transfer agreements for students who have completed a specific degree program or certification requirement at a technical college. For specific technical college transferability and to speak to a transfer specialist, contact our admissions office at 715-394-8230. MILITARY EXPERIENCE Students whose length of service is one year or more may transfer a maximum of 32 semester credits for education and certain specialized training programs completed while in the military. CREDIT FOR PRIOR LEARNING/EXPERIENCE Credit may be awarded for related work experience or other work- related training. Your learning through life experience and previous education can transfer into credits. Learn more at uwsuper.edu/CPL. TRANSFERRING CREDITS


average student class size

4 research centers

9% international students from nearly 50 countries

Use this convenient tool to see how your credits will transfer.

1. Create a free student account at www.transferology.com/school/uwsuper 2. Enter the institution’s name from where you have received, or may be currently receiving credits. 3. Enter the semester and year that the course was completed. (i.e. Fall 2018) 4. Enter the course department and course number. This will be found on your transcript. (i.e. CHEM 105 or CHEM 1102) 5. Add all of the courses to the My Courses list. 6. Click the Search for Matches button. 7. Search for the University of Wisconsin-Superior in the school search bar. 8. Look at Matches, Maybes, and Misses for UW-Superior to see how your credits transfer. 9. If any courses come back as Maybes or Misses , click the button to ‘Request Information’ and select ‘Advising’ . A representative from UW-Superior will respond to your inquiry about transfer credits and enter the course equivalencies.

46% of students are the first in their family to attend college

14:1 student-to-faculty ratio

Collected data is from the Undergraduate Follow-Up Report conducted by UW-Superior’s Institutional Research and Sponsored Programs.

Collected data is from the Undergraduate Follow-Up Report conducted by UW-Superior’s Institutional Research and Sponsored Programs. *95% of students are either employed or continuing their education within 6 months of graduation


Twin Ports population: (Greater Superior, WI & Duluth, MN area) 275,000

Superior, WI population: 27,000

Minutes from Lake Superior

With the opportunity for four seasons of recreational fun, the Twin Ports offers something for every taste and ability.


• Climbing • Shopping • Dining • Bowling • Theaters • And more INDOOR

• Hiking • Rock climbing • Mountain biking • Skiing • Snowboarding • Snowshoeing • Swimming • Kayaking



Twin Cities, MN to Superior, WI

2 hours

Brainerd, MN to Superior, WI

1 hour, 30 minutes

Virginia, MN to Superior, WI

1 hour, 15 minutes

2.5 hours

Duluth, MN to Superior, WI

10 minutes

Ashland, WI to Superior, WI

1 hour, 15 minutes

5 hours

Eau Claire, WI to Superior, WI

2 hours, 20 minutes

Rhinelander, WI to Superior, WI

3 hours, 30 minutes




BIOLOGY, NATURAL & PHYSICAL SCIENCES Biology Cell/Molecular Biology** Ecology, Aquatic, and Fishery Sciences** Plant Sciences** Pre-Medicine and Health* Chemistry Pre-Medicine/Pre-Pharmacy (Biochemistry)* Environmental Science Pre-Engineering | Associate of Science Degree

COMMUNICATION & LANGUAGES Communicating Arts Communication* Theatre and Digital Filmmaking*

FINE & APPLIED ARTS Art Education (K-12) Music

INTERDISCIPLINARY STUDIES Associate of Arts and Sciences | Associate Degree Self-Designed (Individually Designed)

Music Education (K-12) – Choral/General* Music Education – Instrumental/General* Music Performance: Instrumental* Music Performance: Keyboard* Music Performance: Voice*

MATH & COMPUTER SCIENCES Computer Science Mathematics PUBLIC AFFAIRS & SOCIAL SCIENCES History Legal Studies Criminal Justice* Psychology Public Leadership and Innovation Social Work

English Writing

EDUCATION Elementary Education Middle/High School Education Broad Field Language Arts Broad Field Science Broad Field Social Studies

Visual Arts

Art Therapy* Studio Art*

BUSINESS & ECONOMICS Accounting Business Administration Finance* International Business* Management* Marketing*

HEALTH-RELATED STUDIES Community/Public Health Promotion* Exercise Science* Physical Education (K-12) Pre-Medicine and Health* Pre-Medicine/Pre-Pharmacy (Biochemistry)*

English History Mathematics

* Concentration – a concentration is a specific area of emphasis within a major or subfield, in which approximately half of a student’s classes are directly related to the chosen area of concentration. A concentration is indicated on the student’s transcript. ** Focus area – a focus is an area of emphasis within a major in which a few select upper-division courses are specific to the chosen area of focus. It is not included on a student’s transcript.

K-12 Education Art

Supply Chain Management*

Physical Education Music

Economics Transportation and Logistics Management


English English Teaching First Nations Studies Gender Studies Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Health Health Teaching History Individually Designed Information Technology and Systems Instruction Marketing Mathematics

Mathematics Teaching Music Philosophy Political Science Political Science Teaching Psychology Sociology Spanish Special Education Sports Management Theatre Writing



Aerospace Studies and Air Force ROTC Anthropology Art (Visual Arts) Behavioral Neuroscience Biology Business

Occupational Therapy Optometry Pharmacy Physical Therapy Physician Assistant Podiatry Veterinary Medicine

Ethical Leadership Criminal Justice Paralegal HR Management Mediation Paralegal Ethical Policing Substance Abuse Counselor

Athletic Training Chiropractic Medicine Dentistry Engineering Law Medicine Nursing (Public Health)

Child Life Health Coaching Practice View the Center for Continuing Education tuition rates at: uwsuper.edu/ccerates

Chemistry Coaching Communicating Arts Criminal Justice Early Childhood Education



*Concentration – a concentration is a specific area of emphasis within a chosen major or a subfield, and is indicated on a student’s transcript.


HEALTH-RELATED STUDIES Community/Public Health Promotion Exercise Science Health and Wellness Management INTERDISCIPLINARY STUDIES Self-Designed (Individually Designed) MATH & COMPUTER SCIENCES Computer Science PUBLIC AFFAIRS & SOCIAL SCIENCES Psychology

BUSINESS Business Administration Management* Sustainable Management COMMUNICATION & LANGUAGES Communicating Arts Writing EDUCATION Elementary Education

Is an online degree different from an on-campus degree?

ONLINE MINORS Communicating Arts Early Childhood Education Health

Psychology Self-Designed Special Education Writing

No. Online learners receive the same academic classes, instructors and diploma as their on-campus counterparts — an accredited associate, bachelor’s or master’s degree from the University of Wisconsin.

Instruction Philosophy

For more information regarding our online majors and minors, visit uwsuper.edu/online.

Juniors and seniors who choose to live on campus will receive a 20-percent discount on housing. In accordance with Board of Regents Resolution No. 173 passed May 5, 1972, unless living with parents or a legal guardian, all non-veterans, unmarried freshman and sophomore students under the age of 20 are required to live in the residence halls and participate in a university meal plan. Students who meet any of the listed criteria are exempt from living on campus: • Junior/senior status • Twenty years of age or more before first day of classes • Completion of at least two complete years of full-time course study at another institution of higher education or UW-Superior • Living with parent(s)/legal guardian who reside within 35 miles of the university • Veteran of military service • Married and/or with legally dependent children • Limited credit student • Financial reasons/exigency • Medical circumstances LIVINGON CAMPUS

Room layout & dimensions


• Safe and secure housing with room-key access • Gender-inclusive housing • Free laundry • Residence halls are open all year • Students have access to various dining options and meal plans • Living and learning communities. Interest areas include: academic, adventure, creative arts, mindfulness and well-being, and recreation and wellness.

UW-Superior offers several residence halls for students who live on-campus with options such as single or double rooms and the opportunity to live on 21+ floors. Room costs are dependent on the residence hall and whether it is a single or double room. For room and meal plan pricing, visit uwsuper.edu/fees.


Whether you’re transferring on-campus or online, you’ll have access to the same support services.


TUTORING SERVICES Trained peer tutors in the Academic Support Center and Math Lab provide free content-area tutoring to all students. Tutoring can be done in one-on-one or group formats. The Educational Success Center (ESC) coordinates tutors for any subject area upon request, so if a tutor isn’t available for a subject you need assistance with, be sure to ask. Online tutoring is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, free of charge, to both on-campus and online students. For more information, contact the ESC at 715-394-8110 or visit uwsuper.edu/support. DISABILITY SUPPORT SERVICES UW-Superior offers accommodations and support for students seeking services related to hearing impairment, visual impairment, learning disabilities, speech and language, mobility impairment, among many other areas. For more information, visit uwsuper.edu/dr. VETERAN AND NONTRADITIONAL STUDENT CENTER (VNSC) The VNSC strives to support the unique needs of nontraditional students including veterans, active


military service members, students over the age of 25 and students with children through targeted services, resources and programs. For more information, contact the VNSC at 715-394-8406 or visit uwsuper.edu/vnsc.


SSS is a federally-funded program designed to serve college students who: 1) meet federal eligibility income guidelines, 2) are first-generation students (no parent or guardian has earned a four-year college degree), and 3) students with documented disabilities. In order to participate in the SSS program, students must meet one or more of the three eligibility criteria outlined above. For more information, visit uwsuper.edu/sss. CAREER SERVICES Career counselors assist students and alumni with resume writing, conduct mock interviews, help students identify career goals and develop lifelong career management skills. Career Services is also home to Handshake, our job, internship and volunteer portal. For more information, please contact 715-394-8024 or visit uwsuper.edu/career.

95% post-graduate success rate* 100% for 23 academic programs

TOP EMPLOYERS HIRE OUR GRADUATES Our graduates accept rewarding positions with well-known employers locally, regionally and nationally. Some of these include Menards, Wells Fargo, Essentia Health, Pepsi Co., Waddell & Reed, and maurices.

84% of graduates are in a career related to their major

Collected data is from the Undergraduate Follow-Up Report conducted by UW-Superior’s Institutional Research and Sponsored Programs.

*95% of students are either employed or continuing their education within 6 months of graduation.

uwsuper.edu/outcomes For more information and data on outcomes, visit:

HOLDEN LAW Transfer Student Business Administration/Marketing Concentration Class of 2021

I talked to a transfer advisor multiple times while still a student at Lake Superior College (LSC). Once I graduated from LSC, we figured out what the best plan would be, and I’ve been working on it since. The transfer process from LSC was easy, and UWS had what I was looking for. Attending UW-Superior has been great! I have enjoyed the school and the programs here. I really found what I was looking for when I started working with the Athletic Department taking photos and video at games. I also make recruiting videos and content for our social media accounts. I was also lucky enough to help run our Instagram account (@uwsathletics) where I focused on making meaningful posts each day during the season. I have grown a great amount working for the Athletic Department and my professional skills and marketing experience have both excelled. The Athletic Department was not the main reason I came to UWS, but it has been the best thing to happen to me while here at UWS.


ERIKAWHITE Online Student Health and Wellness Management Class of 2022

I wanted to finish my degree and needed a flexible online program to keep my work schedule. I almost resigned myself to earning an associate degree, but changed my mind when I found the online Health and Wellness Management program at UW-Superior. It allowed me to complete a bachelor’s degree and get credit for most of the classes I had already taken. I attended a different college before – not online – and I actually did not experience the amount of support I have received from my instructors and advisor here. It’s a good feeling when the people at the other end truly want you to succeed, and they treat you like an individual, not a number. I hope to use my degree to make a career change. I currently work in telecommunications, but I want to follow my passion to become a community health advocate or health wellness coach.


1) Apply at uwsuper.edu/apply

2) Apply for FAFSA at www.fafsa.gov

3) Submit all official transcripts • Have official transcripts sent from all previously attended colleges, technical schools, military service, high school college credit or advanced placement courses. • If you do not have the equivalent of an associate degree, you must also send your high school transcript. • ACT/SAT test scores are optional

ADMISSIONS OFFICE Yellowjacket Union, Suite 230 PO Box 2000 Superior, WI 54880 CONTACT Call or text: 715-394-8230 admissions@uwsuper.edu




The University of Wisconsin-Superior creates an inclusive environment for all individuals regardless of sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, race, national origin, ethnicity, ability, or military status in the execution of its educational programs, activities, employment, daily operations, and admission practices.

UW-Superior is part of the University of Wisconsin System, one of the country’s most respected university systems. Students benefit from our standards of quality, reasonable tuition and easy access to other UW System libraries and programs.

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