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NCH Code Save-A- Heart By Kelly Merritt

NCH # 1 IN Florida for Overall Cardiac Services HealthGrades ® 2013

A heart attack can strike almost anyone, anywhere and at any

time. And what happens next … can save a life.

NCH is a leader in the treatment of coronary heart disease, the primary cause of a heart attack or acute myocardial infarction. So it’s no surprise that NCH’s Naples Heart Institute Interventional Cardiologist Adam J. Frank, MD, FACC is excited to talk about the “Code Save-A-Heart” or direct infarct angioplasty program here at NCH.

a highly trained team dedicated to providing rapid restoration of blood flow to the heart.” “With the ability to mechanically restore blood flow of an occluded coro- nary artery through direct infarct angioplasty, we have dramatically reduced the

The Naples Heart Institute has opened a congestive heart failure clinic. Heart failure is a symptom complex, rather than a disease. It results from any number of diseases, the most common of which are hypertensive heart disease and ischemic heart disease. The symptoms are edema, or swelling of the legs, shortness of breath with exertion (and eventually at rest and at night) and fatigue. Heart failure is rarely cured, but rather managed. It is the optimal management of these patients that we hope to achieve. 9hhgafle]flkYnYadYZd]Z]_affaf_ G[lgZ]j)-& Aehjgn]\Y[[]kklgh`qka[aYfkYf\fmjk]k& Fgj]^]jjYdf][]kkYjq& >gjegj]af^gjeYlagfgjYfYhhgafle]fl$[Ydd  436-5634 +111l`Klj]]lFgjl` • Kmal]+(( • FYhd]k 9 hgafle]flkYnYadYZd]Z]_affaf_ G[lgZ]j)-& Aehjgn]\Y[[]kklgh`qka[aYfkYf\fmjk]k& +HDUW)DLOXUH&OLQLF Part of the NCH Healthcare Group 9hhgafle]flkYnYadYZd]Z]_affaf_ G[lgZ]j)-& Aeh gn]\Y[[]kklgh`qka[aYfkYf\fmjk]k& Part of the NCH Healthcare Group G[lgZ]j )-& A e j n]\Y []kkl  `qka[aYfkYf\fmjk]k& +HDUW)DLOXUH&OLQLF Part of the NCH Healthcare Group +HDUW)DLOXUH&OLQLF Part of the NCH Healthcare Group >gjegj]af^gjeYlagfgjYfYhhgafle]fl$[Ydd  436-5634 +111l`Klj]]lFgjl` • Kmal]+(( • FYhd]k For more information or an appointment, call (239) 624-4200 399 9th Street North • Suite 300 • Naples >gjegj]af^gjeYlagfgjYfYhhgafle]fl$[Ydd  436-5634 +111l`Klj]]lFgjl` • Kmal]+(( • FYhd]k 436-5634 +111l`Klj]]lFgjl` • Kmal]+(( • FYhd]k No referral necessary. Fgj]^]jjYdf][]kkYjq& Fgj]^]jjYdf][]kkYjq& Fgj]^]jjYdf][]kkYjq&

number of people that experience significant irreversible heart damage which could other- wise lead to increased morbidity and poten- tial loss of life,” says Dr. Frank.

 “As soon as someone begins to experi- ence symptoms of a “heart attack” the clock of heart muscle damage starts ticking,” says Dr. Frank. “At NCH, as part of the nation- ally recognized Code Save-A-Heart program, an interventional cardiologist is available 24- hours a day, seven days a week to stop a heart attack in its tracks.” Here’s how it works. Code Save-A-Heart begins when EMS is activated and real time information is transmitted to an emergency room physician at either NCH campus. Dr. Frank stresses that the most important factor in receiving the appropriate treatment is the early recognition of symptoms – there- by reducing the time to evaluation. “When it comes to limiting heart damage time is muscle,” he says. In the event of a heart attack, EMS may initiate vital therapies such as administering aspirin, nitroglycerine and supplemental oxy- gen if indicated. “Once a patient arrives in the ED, a spe- cialized team will coordinate care and ap- propriately triage the patient based on their symptoms, ECG findings and physical exam,”

+HDUW DLOXUH&OLQLF “Treatment,” says Dr. Frank, “will include a diagnostic angiogram followed by balloon angioplasty to open the affected vessel. Typi- cally after blood flow is restored, placement of a stent may be required and will act like a scaffold to keep the artery open while the heart starts to heal itself.” 9hhgafle]flkYnYadYZd]Z]_affaf_ All 10 participating interventional cardi- ologists at NCH are specially trained and highly experienced in the management of acute myocardial infarction and direct in- farct angioplasty.

NCH’s commitment to the Code Save-a- Heart program has resulted in 32 consecu- tive months of meeting or exceeding national standards in measured “door to balloon” time, which marks the time from initial pre- sentation in the ER, to the time it takes to open the blocked artery. “This benchmark,” Dr. Frank says, “directly translates to limiting heart damage and improved survival.”

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“The team of EMS workers, nurses, emer- gency room physicians, specialized cath lab technicians and interventional cardiologists have created a program that is on par with any of the best cardiac programs in the country,” he says.

says Dr. Frank. “If very specific criteria are met, the patient will be taken ur- gently to the cardiac catheterization lab where they will be met once again by

For more information visit www.nchmd.org

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