January 2013 Edition - Health Matters

MeetingWomen’s Total Urogynecological Needs By Jean Amodea

The founder of Naples Women’s Center, Michael Dent, MD offers his services as a one-stop solution for women who require both gynecological services and procedures usually performed by urologists, in a specialty termed uro- gynecology. In addition to providing expert care in the treatment of bladder prolapse, female incontinence, and pelvic recon- struction, Dr. Dent also performs a variety of procedures treating a wide spectrum of women’s issues—a service unique to SW Florida as well as his field. Patients enjoy the unique benefit of the continuity of care and a singu- lar medical perspective by a highly competent and caring medical provider. “There are very few gynecological surgeons who can per- form a hysterectomy along with vaginal apical support—the gold standard for vaginal support—and do so with mini- mally invasive surgery with the use of the da Vinci robotic system,” he explained. The da Vinci robotic surgery system is the biggest advance in gynecological surgery in the past 30 years and has eliminated the need for open procedures, said Dr. Dent. Its benefits include quicker recovery and minimal post-operative pain, allowing surgeons to perform major surgery with a robotic arm inserted into small incisions for precise placement. The use of such advanced medical equipment will propel women’s surgical procedures into an era of outpatient pro- cedures with minimal recovery time and minimal scars. Dr. Dent said that imaging and diagnostic procedures will also continue to improve, allowing physicians to diagnose life-threatening medical conditions with certainty and facilitate early treatment and cure. Keeping in good health, he advises, requires regular exer-

cise. Even though the government has lowered the bar on the number and amount of testing necessary to good health like pap smears, Dr. Dent recommends that women should not neglect yearly physicals, which enable physicians to diagnose, treat and cure many conditions in early stages.Women should remain vigilant in keeping cho- lesterol in check as well. It is also important to consider vaccinations for teen-aged daughters to protect them against certain types of human papilloma virus. Dr. Dent completed his residency in obstetrics and gynecology at the University of Texas in Galveston, Texas. He relocated to Naples in 1996 where he has been in private practice for 16 years.

Micheal Dent, MD is the founder of Naples Women’s Center.

For more information about Women’s Services call (239) 552-7555.

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