IELTS Student Resource Book Band 5

Earning a living

3a Training • Reading: Identify specific detail (True/False/Not given) • Language development: Present continuous; Present continuous and present simple; Stative verbs • Vocabulary: Jobs • Listening: Understand detailed information (Section 3: Multiple choice) • Speaking: Give your opinion: adjectives (Part 2: Long turn) • Writing: Paragraphing; Express cause and effect (Task 2: Problem-solution essay)

3b Testing • Listening: Section 3: Multiple choice • Language development: must and have to ; need to ; should • Vocabulary: Working • Reading: True/False/Not given • Writing: Task 2: Problem-solution essay • Speaking: Part 2: Long turn



Discuss the questions. 1 Do you think it is a good idea to do a degree which includes work experience? Why/Why not? 2 How useful do you think an MBA is for your own career? Why? 2 Read the quotes about MBA programmes. Which ones do you agree/disagree with? Why? An MBA is expensive, but it gives you skills in all business areas so you can progress quickly in a job.

MBAs are only useful if you do one after you’ve worked for several years.

I think MBAs can help only if you want to change career.


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