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August/September 2019

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3. Dental Warranty “follows your smile” nationwide, meaning you have your coverage in your back pocket when you move or travel. It’s even possible to redeem your coverage with any dentist whose services you might need in a pinch. 4. Finally, with our new warranty, you’ll always know your investment is secure. Even if you’re stuck in an insurance waiting period or if your dentist retires (something I have no plans to do anytime soon), your teeth will be covered. Almost all of our top-notch procedures are covered under the warranty, including bridges and partials, crowns, dental implants, dentures, fillings, inlays and onlays, nightguards, orthodontic retainers, root canals, sleep apnea appliances, and veneers. It truly is a full-service plan, and we think it will make a world of difference for patients like you. All you need to do to take advantage of these benefits is to stay up to date on your dental visits, which is something I advocate for in any case, as your smile is one of your biggest assets in life. To learn more about Dental Warranty, visit MyDentalWarranty.com or call our office at (850) 478-8055 to speak to one of our experienced staff. We’re always happy to help, and, if we don’t know the answers to your questions, we’ll investigate and get back to you right away. Nothing is more important to us than improving your smile and keeping it safe!

I understand that dental visits can be expensive. If you’ve been a regular patient over the years, you’ve probably made a significant investment in your smile. While your teeth are a wise thing to spend on, it’s just as smart to safeguard the money you’ve spent, which is why Taylor Dental has partnered up with Dental Warranty to give you more peace of mind and protect your smile from life’s wear and tear. “TAYLOR DENTAL HAS PARTNERED UP WITH DENTAL WARRANTY TO GIVE YOU MORE PEACE OF MIND AND PROTECT YOUR SMILE FROM LIFE’S WEAR AND TEAR. ” When our patients ask for something, we listen, and we hope that the warranty we’re offering now is the answer to your needs. Dental Warranty is a comprehensive plan, and I’m proud to say they’ve thought of everything. Through Dental Warranty, Taylor Dental now offers coverage for a wide range of repairs, replacements, and procedures. Here are a few of the benefits we’re most excited about. 1. Dental Warranty is “lifeproof,” which means your smile is protected from unavoidable problems like broken appliances, accidents, decay, and more. 2. The plan offers full-value coverage, so we can give you up to 100% of the original value of the treatment when you’re replacing or repairing a product the warranty covers.

–Dr. Taylor

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