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All of the employees at Advanced Practice PT were nice, attentive, and knowledgeable, and that created a really positive environment in the clinic. Because of that, when I heard an office manager position was available, I knew this was a good thing! From day one of getting the job, I’ve been happy and comfortable, just like I knew I would be. Before I ended up an office manager, I spent more than a decade working in health care. First, as a certified nursing assistant with the elderly and later as a Unit Secretary treating babies, children on Pediatrics, and finally in medical supply sales. I loved that work, and one of my favorite things about taking this job is being back in a position where I can use my medical knowledge. Looking back, I have to credit that passion to my dad, who worked as an emergency medical technician here in Montana when I was growing up. I watched him go through his medical training, and I was fascinated by the medical books he brought home. They might have seemed gory or morbid to someone else, but I loved figuring out how the human body worked and how to heal it. Reading those books inspired me to pursue a medical career. I credit my hardworking mom for teaching me how to work as a team leader, mentor, and teacher. I’m happy to be back in a field that helps people recover, and I love that the medical industry is both challenging and rewarding.

It’s so nice to finally meet you, even if it is over paper. My name is Jeana Lane, and I’m the newest hire here at Advanced Practice PT! If you’re in and out of our offices regularly, then you might have already seen me, either in my new role as office coordinator or out on the clinic floor doing exercises. Yep, that’s right — I used to be a patient. My journey with Advanced Practice PT started last year after I was rear- ended while driving. I was in pain after the accident, and it kept getting worse, so I eventually went in to see my physician for an X-ray and MRI. They determined that I had a herniated disc and recommended surgery, but I was worried about going that route. I’d spent 11 years working in health care, and I’d heard a lot of horror stories about spinal fusion surgeries, so I asked the doctor to refer me to a physical therapist instead, hoping to manage my pain naturally. That’s how I ended up walking through the doors of Advanced Practice PT! At the time, even with my health care background, I was working at an accounting firm in an office position. Coming into Advanced Practice PT for regular treatments rekindled my passion for health care, and I was amazed at the results I saw with laser therapy. I had a huge reduction in my pain, and the treatment increased the mobility in my shoulder and neck, letting me avoid the surgery I’d been dreading. I was also really impressed by the care I received from everyone on staff.

home spending time with my husband, Phillip, and our husky, Ash. Our favorite thing to do is take weekend trips to our family cabin outside of Augusta where we can relax, hike, and soak up the scenery and reconnect with nature. Our daughters join us when they can, but they’re both grown up and busy with their own lives. Our oldest, Brittany, is a reservist in the Army National Guard and will graduate from PT school in May (yes, pretty soon we’ll have two PT employees in the family!), and our youngest, Andrea, is at MSU studying to become both a mechanical engineer and an innovator in her field. I’m a proud military mom and MSU Bobcat! If you see me next time you come into the clinic, please say hello! And if you’re curious about laser therapy, then feel free to ask me anything — I’d love to share more about my experience and help you understand how our laser might work for you! –Jeana Lane

When I’m not in the office at Advanced Practice PT, you can probably find me at

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