Valent U.S.A. Sustainability Report

How We Align With the SDG’s

SDG 2: Zero Hunger

SDG 4: Quality Education

SDG 5: Gender Equality

We support food banks and other organizations that supply food, labor, and resources to fight hunger; Valent products expand the practice of sustainable production and increase grower productivity.

Valent partners with FFA, AFA and other ag education programs to expand the awareness and education related to sustainable agriculture; other programs expose and train students on ag vocations and ag careers through classroom and hands- on learning opportunities.

We endorse and comply with the Equal Pay Act; our Valent Council for Diversity and Inclusion works to advance gender equality and diversity across the Valent Group; we work with MANRRS to create a diverse pipeline of talent for the industry and company.

SDG 9: Industry, Innovation, Infastructure

SDG 12: Responsible Consumption & Production

We invest in assets that expand the innovation and use of sustainable solutions, sustainable practices, and new discoveries in agriculture. We incorporate eco-friendly practices in our operations energy efficiency and indoor environmental quality.

Partnerships with CropLife America and other industry allies promote responsible consumption and reduced food waste; our sustainability efforts work to expand the science and education related to soil health research and practices.

In the pages that follow, you will find examples how we impact the five priority SDG’s outlined above based on a measurement process that captures, documents and tracks contributions, both from an individual employee and company perspective, including personal volunteer and financial contribution efforts. Given this is our first sustainability report, we expect our measurement process will continually evolve over time.

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