Valent U.S.A. Sustainability Report

SDG-4 Spotlight

Advancing Sustainability Education in the Classroom Valent U.S.A. has partnered with The National FFA Organization to provide teachers across the United States with leading sustainability information and practices through a first-of- its-kind “ Sustainability in Agriculture Lesson Series ” that can be used in both virtual and in- classroom settings. Available as a free resource through the FFA’s educator resources dashboard, the eight- lesson teacher-led series enables middle and high school students to become familiar with sustainable agriculture standards, explore different sustainability processes and practices, learn about emerging trends in the food value chain, and prepare them to be educated agricultural leaders and consumers of tomorrow. The lesson series was inspired by a need from agriculture educators. Teachers wanting to engage students in learning about sustainability had to conduct their own research and create lesson plans from the ground up, sometimes without the insight into how these learnings would best apply to current industry needs.

“Teachers right now need innovation, technology and sustainability at the forefront of their lessons,” said Megan McGrady, senior education consultant in FFA’s programs and events division. “As future growers and consumers, students need to know how it applies to the industry and primes them to potentially work in sustainability in the future. This lesson plan gives teachers the tools to talk about sustainability and what it means for the future of agriculture.” To create the lesson series, a cross-functional team from Valent worked with FFA to outline the lessons and specific activities. The team applied Valent’s experience in sustainability throughout to give teachers and students real-world insight to how sustainability is put in action. To date, the lesson plan has been downloaded 3,500 times and has become a popular resource for teachers as they develop their curriculum for either online or in-class settings.

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