Valent U.S.A. Sustainability Report

SDG-12: Responsible Consumption and Production

Partnerships • We are a founding member of the Ag Container Recycling Council (ACRC) , a not-for-profit organization established in 1992 recognized as the oldest stewardship program in the U.S. Its mission is to conduct research on the acceptable uses of rigid high-density polyethylene high-density polyethylene (HDPE) plastic agriculture crop protection containers and support the collection and recycling of containers through promotion of cost-effective programs that foster public health and safety, environmental protection, resources conservation, and end-user convenience. ACRC covers 46 states and has collected over 226 million pounds since its inception. • We partner with Field to Market , a collaborative effort to define, measure, and advance the sustainability of food, feed, fiber and fuel production in the United States.

In order to achieve success on SDG 12, society will not only have to use less and waste less, the world’s agricultural systems must be sustainable and efficient. Target 12.2 aims to achieve sustainable management and efficient use of natural resources. Target 12.5 seeks to substantially reduce waste generation through prevention, reduction, recycling and reuse. Growers use crop protection products to improve the quality and yield of their agricultural crops. They also work to make farming more efficient and improve profitability. Valent and our parent company Sumitomo Chemical provide unique, highly effective products that meet customer needs. We have a dedicated U.S.-wide Sustainable Solutions team that promotes our sustainable solutions portfolio of products and services that contribute to soil health and provide nutritious and affordable food today and for future generations. (See SDG-12 Spotlight article on following page.)

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