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THE BEST YEAR YET Ready to Make 2018

My whole life, I grew up in and around the dealership, seeing my dad’s love for the business and farming. I always appreciated his hard work and strived to have the work ethic he always exemplified. However, I always wanted to take my own path. Who would have guessed that it would have led me right back to my hometown and KSR? After graduating high school, I went to college out of state (College of Charleston in Charleston, South Carolina) and earned a degree in communications. Following graduation, I went to a postsecondary school in Orlando, Florida, and earned a diploma in personal training. My biggest accomplishment while in school was meeting my amazing wife, Alison. She has blessed me with two wonderful children, 4-year-old Owen and 2-year-old Lydia. Alison is originally from Georgia, and how I convinced her to move to the cold Midwest I will never know. We went into business together, running a personal training studio here in Pontiac, and we both loved helping others and following our passion for health and wellness.

We married in October 2011, and shortly thereafter, we decided that we needed something more stable than personal training. We knew we wanted to have a family, and it was important to us to have not only a way to provide for them but also to teach them the values of family, hard work, and the importance of your community, like we had learned growing up. So, I decided to discuss with my dad the potential of working at KSR. While only having minimal experience in the agricultural world, I felt confident in my abilities to help continue the great customer service that KSR is known for. I’ve always enjoyed the business side of things, but it’s the relationships I’ve built with our employees and customers that I really enjoy. Going into a new career almost six years ago, I had no idea just how incredible it would be. I am very fortunate that I get to work alongside each and every person here at KSR. From the employees to the partners, we all work well together and strive to always have the highest customer satisfaction possible. We have the best customers in the industry, and our partnership with them is of utmost importance to us. Overall, I am very blessed to work with and for the people that I do, and I think the love of John Deere is rubbing off on my kiddos quite nicely. Owen loves all things green and knows the only red he’s allowed to love is Georgia Bulldog red (my wife’s alma mater). His little sister, Lydia, is catching on quickly and calls every John Deere mower, tractor, or combine she sees “Daddy’s” or “Gugu’s” (Grandpa John). Through KSR and at home, I truly hope that I can pass on to my children the values that my family instilled in me.

–Paul Kelly

Jan - Feb 2018

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