2021 Annual Report: Food & Water Watch / Action

2021 Combined Annual Report for Food & Water Watch and Food & Water Action. MISSION: Our food, water, and climate are under constant assault by corporations that put profit over the survival of humanity. They have seized control of the very institutions that were built to protect us. We mobilize people to reclaim their political power, hold our elected officials accountable, and resist corporate control — ensuring we all have the essential resources we need to thrive. This is a fight we must win, because this planet is the only one we get.


Mission Our food, water, and climate are under constant assault by corporations that put profit over the survival of humanity. They have seized control of the very institutions that were built to protect us. We mobilize people to reclaim their political power, hold our elected officials accountable, and resist corporate control — ensuring we all have the essential resources we need to thrive. This is a fight we must win, because this planet is the only one we get.

foodandwaterwatch.org Food & Water Watch is a 501(c)3 nonprofit that educates and advocates for safe food, clean water, and a livable climate. Gifts to Food & Water Watch are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law. foodandwateraction.org Food & Water Action is our affiliated 501(c)4 nonprofit that mobilizes people to win campaigns that build political power.

National Office 1616 P St. NW, Suite 300 Washington, DC 20036 tel: (202) 683-2500

Gifts to Food & Water Action Fund are not tax deductible.

Table of Contents 2021 Annual Report

Message from the Executive Director

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2021 by the Numbers On the Water Front

Water Shutoff Moratoria Saved Lives

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Fighting Water Privatization in New York and Nationally

Support for the Water Act Surges

Most-Read Research Reports of 2021

Winning Food Fights Watching Out for Consumers and Workers During the Pandemic Chemical Linked to Cancer Pulled from Popular Weedkiller Keeping Factory Farms in Idaho from Polluting Our Waterways

Stopping Fossil Fuel Projects, Region by Region New York and New Jersey

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Donor Spotlight • Molly Canfield


Food & Water Watch Conference & Benefit

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2021 Audited Financials

Board of Directors

Donor Roll

Principled. Focused. Effective. These are the words our members chose when we asked them what words they most associate with Food & Water Watch. Our members are a diverse group — people of many backgrounds, regions, and interests coming together for safe food, clean water, and a livable climate. The consistency of their responses was eye-opening and heartening. It showed us that we share some simple, core beliefs. Truth matters. Science matters. We’re always ready to fight for the policies and solutions we know to be just and right. We can’t be bought or intimidated. We won’t be silenced. Each day, we see anti-democratic forces in our country seeking to destroy institutions and break civil society through violence — physical, emotional, and intellectual. They think they’ll win by denying the truth and distorting reality. We won’t let them. Climate chaos, once an abstraction, is now too real. We see it around us every day. And we see every day how the climate crisis intertwines with other crises that threaten our future and cause human suffering. The crisis of

an unstable food system, incapable of reliably feeding people. The water crisis that robs millions of their basic human right to clean, affordable public water. Food, water, climate. The connections are clear; our fight is focused. Food & Water Watch is effectively mobilizing people to shut down pipelines and power plants. Alongside our allies, we’re banning fracking — community by community, region by region. We’re forcing regulators to do their jobs by confronting the dangerous corporations that control our food. And we’re standing with local communities in their fight for public water and against corporate profiteers. Principled. Focused. Effective. Those words describe everything we do at Food & Water Watch because they describe you, our members, and what makes you such fierce guardians of our future. Facing unprecedented challenges and a barrage of bad news, you continue to fight for a brighter tomorrow, and we cannot thank you enough. Your commitment to a livable future has made a difference and we look forward to moving forward, together.

Wenonah Hauter Executive Director

Food & Water Watch • Food & Water Action • 2021 Annual Report

In 2021, Food & Water Watch... Across the country — from Seward, Alaska to Harpswell, Maine — we came together this year to fight for bold solutions to the daunting challenges we face to food security, water accessibility, and our climate future.

More than 1.1 million supporters drive our mission at Food & Water Watch.


foodandwaterwatch.org • foodandwateraction.org


Food & Water Watch • Food & Water Action • 2021 Annual Report

foodandwaterwatch.org • foodandwateraction.org


Food & Water Watch • Food & Water Action • 2021 Annual Report

IN THE PRESS “New research from Cornell University, which Food & Water

On the Water Front Water Shutoff Moratoria Saved Lives When the COVID-19 outbreak was declared a national emergency, hundreds of localities and states suspended water shutoffs to ensure households had water for handwashing and sanitation. But these protections were never applied nationally, leaving millions vulnerable to service disruptions during the pandemic. Food & Water Watch worked to keep as many people as possible from losing access to water. In New Jersey, Governor Murphy extended the moratorium on all utility shutoffs through July 2021 with a grace period until the end of the year. In New York, then-Governor Cuomo extended the state’s shutoff moratorium until the conclusion of the COVID-19 state of emergency or until the end of 2021. In California, the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power extended its shutoff moratorium to March 2022, the longest in the nation. To understand the impact water access had during the pandemic, we conducted a study in collaboration with Cornell University. Our research found that had a

national shutoff moratorium been in place during the study period (March through December 2020), it could have spared 480,715 people from infection and 9,052 people from death. Water shutoff moratoria saved lives.

Watch helped produce, estimates that a national moratorium [on water shut-offs] might have saved 9,000 lives nationally and prevented half a million people from being infected with the coronavirus.” The Washington Post “White House faces new pleas to avert ‘tidal wave’ of water shut-offs as state bans

continue to lapse” MARCH 26, 2021

foodandwaterwatch.org • foodandwateraction.org


Food & Water Watch • Food & Water Action • 2021 Annual Report

Fighting Water Privatization in New York and Nationally Protecting people’s right to water included Food & Water Watch’s continued efforts to keep water rights public. In New York,

of water in the state, and an essential step toward more affordable, cleaner water. Nationally, we prevented water privatization measures from being included in the Bipartisan Infrastructure Investments and Jobs Act. This bill also provided more

we defeated water privatization plans in Binghamton. And with our urging, Governor Hochul signed legislation establishing two new public water authorities on Long Island. These were powerful blows to the corporate control

than $55 billion to fund water infrastructure projects over five years and $15 billion for lead service line replacement. Support for the WATER Act Surges Early in the year, Food & Water Watch fought to reintroduce the WATER (Water, Accessibility, Transparency, Equity, and Reliability) Act in Congress, and helped secure 77 original sponsors. This legislation would create a $35 billion annual fund to restore public water infrastructure — including the replacement of aged residential water main pipes — critical for the health of millions of households. After months of educating the public and policymakers, we ended the year with more than 500 organizations signed on as supporters and a total of 93 congressional cosponsors.

Most-Read Research Reports of 2021

Factory Farm Nation Revealing the dangerous trends of factory farm expansion and increasing

Well-Fed A roadmap to a sustainable food system that works for all

The Relationship Between Water Shutoffs and COVID A report from Cornell University in collaboration with Food & Water Watch

consolidation in the meat, poultry, dairy, and egg industries

foodandwaterwatch.org • foodandwateraction.org


Food & Water Watch • Food & Water Action • 2021 Annual Report IN THE PRESS “’Smithfield’s public messaging amounted to a scaremongering campaign, exploiting consumer fear about food insecurity,’

Winning Food Fights Watching Out for Consumers and Workers During the Pandemic In our commitment to protect consumers from corporations that make misleading claims in the interest of profit, Food & Water Watch filed a lawsuit against Smithfield Foods for its false advertising during the pandemic. We charged Smithfield with fabricating a national meat shortage to drive demand, and lying about the unsafe conditions their workers endured.

We also helped pass the Maryland Essential Workers’ Protection Act, which provides temporary emergency COVID-19 protections for essential workers. This bill notably includes food and farm workers who have historically been left out of Maryland workplace protections. Essential workers charged with feeding the country should never have to choose between their paychecks and their safety. This bill gives them the protections they deserve.

Food & Water Watch said in the complaint. ‘These statements, however, were misleading, deceptive, and contradicted by the facts.’” CNN “Advocacy group accuses Smithfield Foods of falsely warning of meat shortages” JUNE 21, 2021

foodandwaterwatch.org • foodandwateraction.org


Food & Water Watch • Food & Water Action • 2021 Annual Report

Chemical Linked to Cancer Pulled from Popular Weedkiller For years, Food & Water Watch has been sounding the alarm about glyphosate, the active ingredient in many weed killers including Round-Up. We published research and educated policymakers about its dangers. Glyphosate interferes with hormone levels, even when exposed to low levels: It’s a “probable carcinogen” strongly linked to non- Hodgkins lymphoma; it may be linked to reproductive issues and birth defects; and alarmingly, it’s widely present in our food. Under pressure from us, our allies, and the public, Bayer, the maker of Round-Up, announced it would pull glyphosate from consumer products by 2023. While it will still be produced for large-scale agricultural use, it’s a welcome step in the right direction.

forces factory farms to be accountable for their environmental harms and may have broad implications for how pollution from this industry is regulated nationwide in the future.

and Snake River Waterkeeper, ruling that factory farms in Idaho for the first time will be required to comprehensively monitor and report on their waste discharge into waterways. This decision


Dairy farm waste discharge frequently pollutes local waterways.

Keeping Factory Farms in Idaho from Polluting Our Waterways

The Ninth Circuit court sided with Food & Water Watch and Snake River Waterkeeper, ruling that factory farms in Idaho for the first time will be required to comprehensively monitor and report on their waste discharge into waterways.

Without proper monitoring, factory farms have been able to pollute the waters of Idaho at will, and hide this pollution from citizens and regulators. The Ninth Circuit court sided with Food & Water Watch

foodandwaterwatch.org • foodandwateraction.org


Food & Water Watch • Food & Water Action • 2021 Annual Report

Stopping Fossil Fuel Projects, Region by Region Year after year, Food & Water Watch works closely with allies to successfully block numerous fossil fuel projects across the country. Here are some highlights from 2021: New York and New Jersey y Regional: After a 10-year campaign, we achieved a permanent ban on fracking in the Delaware River Basin. Governors Cuomo (NY), Murphy (NJ), Wolf (PA), and Carney (DE) all voted in support of the ban. y New York: We stopped proposed fracked gas power plants in Newburgh (Danskammer Power Plant), Astoria (Astoria Power Plant), and Brooklyn (Gowanus Power Plant). y New York: We celebrated a landmark ban on gas combustion in all new buildings in New York City. y New Jersey: We helped pass ordinances to create Community Choice Aggregation (CCA) programs in four new communities: Collingswood, East Brunswick, South


y We defeated plans for a massive coal mine and dump in Forward Township, south of Pittsburgh, protecting 980 acres of land currently zoned residential and conservation from becoming an industrial site. y We successfully pressured the West Deer Township Board of Supervisors to deny permits for a proposed deep well site north of Pittsburgh. They unanimously rejected the applications citing the failure to meet public health and safety standards.

Brunswick, and Teaneck. CCA will allow localities to move towards sustainable energy sources with the goal of reaching 100% renewable energy by 2030. Pennsylvania We focused our climate action in the southwestern portion of the state where fracking is highly prevalent. y We helped pass a zoning ordinance to keep fracking out of McCandless, a township north of Pittsburgh.

foodandwaterwatch.org • foodandwateraction.org


Food & Water Watch • Food & Water Action • 2021 Annual Report IN THE PRESS “’It’s vital that President Biden permanently ban all new fossil fuel extraction, including fracking, on

Florida y We defeated a proposed fracked gas liquefaction facility in Crystal River, a coastal community on the Gulf Coast dubbed the Manatee Capital of the World. The transport of Liquefied Natural Gas from Crystal River to Port Tampa Bay was also halted. y We blocked permits for an oil drilling project near Immokalee, an agricultural community north of the Everglades. After residents voiced concerns over threats to their drinking water, wildlife, and wetland ecosystems, the Florida Department of Environmental Protection denied the application. California y Los Angeles County voted to phase out oil drilling. All new permits for oil and gas wells will be denied in unincorporated areas. y Governor Newsom rejected 21 fracking permits, for the first time citing climate change and health as the basis for his decision. y Governor Newsom proposed a new rule that would stop all new oil drilling operations within 3,200 feet of homes, schools, and other sensitive areas.

y Los Angeles City Council approved 100% zero-carbon energy by 2035 and the creation of a just transition plan. y The state blocked SoCalGas from building the Ventura Compressor Station upgrade. Virginia y We stopped the proposed C4GT fracked gas plant in Charles City County after years of working with a frontline community and grassroots coalition. y We defeated the Interconnect Project, which would have built high-pressure fracked gas pipelines in Prince William and Fauquier counties as well as a new compressor station in Prince William county.

federal lands and waters,’ said Mitch Jones, policy director for Food & Water Watch, an environmental group.” THE NEW YORK TIMES “Biden Sets in Motion Plan to Ban New Oil and Gas Leases on Federal Land” JANUARY 25, 2021

foodandwaterwatch.org • foodandwateraction.org


Food & Water Watch • Food & Water Action • 2021 Annual Report

Donor Spotlight MOLLY CANFIELD Food & Water Watch Leaders Circle Member Why I Support Food & Water Watch I started my relationship with Food & Water Watch as an intern in 2008. As a recent college graduate interested in building experience in environmentally sustainable agriculture activism, it was a great place for me. I got hands-on experience building a campaign from the ground up and learned a lot in the process. I was struck by three things during my time at Food & Water Watch: the passion and drive of team members, the principled and strategic focus of the campaigns, and the importance of grassroots work to effect change locally and nationally. After my internship, I went on to work on Capitol Hill, and then with a local sustainable agricultural nonprofit in Georgia where I focused on farm-to- school initiatives. I eventually received an MA in Geography with a focus on alternative food systems. The lessons

“We cannot sit by and hope that things will change. We have to do the work and support our allies to make the change happen.”

I’m thankful for their commitment to protecting the planet and its inhabitants. I want to do what I can to support them so we can continue to make the progress we desperately need – to mitigate the worst effects of climate change and create a more hopeful and possible future for the next generation. I’m proud to support Food & Water Watch as a member and know that it’s training the next generation of advocates to begin their lifelong journey to fight for what’s right.

I learned at Food & Water Watch guided me the whole way. Throughout my work and personal life, I’ve continued to value and further understand the importance of grassroots work and the interconnectedness of activism, progressive policies, and the hope for a more sustainable and fair future. We cannot sit by and hope that things will change. We have to do the work and support our allies to make the change happen. Food & Water Watch does the work passionately, strategically, and effectively.

foodandwaterwatch.org • foodandwateraction.org


Food & Water Watch • Food & Water Action • 2021 Annual Report

Food & Water Watch Conference & Benefit: An Incredible Day of Learning and Community Building On September 30, Food & Water Watch hosted our 2021 Virtual Conference & Benefit featuring educational sessions and hands-on training, incredible speakers like our keynote Amy Goodman, and special guests like Mark Ruffalo, Ed Begley, Jr., members of Congress, and more! The day-long event brought hundreds together to listen and learn from one another. Food & Water Watch Southern Region Director Jorge Aguilar shared

tips for effective lobbying, and stories of meetings that won campaigns – and some that didn’t go as planned. We heard from youth climate justice activist Jessica Kleczka on using social media as a tool for activism and strategies for action- oriented communication about complex topics like climate change. Advocates from the Newark Water Coalition, Indigenous Environmental Network, F.Y. Eye, Cornell University, Mother Jones, and Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement added their unique perspectives and advice, with an especially helpful tip: it gets easier with practice! This event exemplified the power of collective action, and that when we organize together, we can protect our food, water, and climate.

Keynote speaker Amy Goodman, host and executive producer of Democracy Now!

Actor, activist, and special guest Mark Ruffalo

Anthony Diaz (left) of the Newark Water Coalition and Food & Water Watch New Jersey State Director Matt Smith (right) present a session on grassroots coalition building.

foodandwaterwatch.org • foodandwateraction.org


Food & Water Watch • Food & Water Action • 2021 Annual Report

Your Gifts Keep Us Fighting As nonprofit organizations, Food & Water Watch and Food & Water Action rely on gifts to sustain the fights to protect our food, water, and climate. We never accept money from corporations and are grateful for the generosity of individuals and foundations. This year’s achievements could not have happened without you and your steadfast investments in the future of our planet. The fights we’re waging aren’t easy. The solutions we’ll win won’t be immediate. But together, with you at our side, we can build a better,

2021 Audited Financials

Food & Water Watch

Food & Water Action

TOTAL REVENUE $19,696,765



$105,124 Contributions $19,591,641 Investments & Other Revenue

$2,204,127 Contributions



TOTAL REVENUE $2,204,127

TOTAL EXPENSES $16,666,451 Subtotal Support $5,423,174




Management $2,146,064 Fundraising $3,277,110



Subtotal Program $11,243,277


Subtotal Support $609,106

PROGRAM EXPENSES Food $5,040,378 Water $3,795,847 Climate $2,407,052



Fundraising $594,609


Subtotal Program $638,594


PROGRAM EXPENSES Advocacy $638,594

healthier world. Thank you!



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Food & Water Watch • Food & Water Action • 2021 Annual Report

The Food & Water Watch and Food & Water Action Board of Directors include leaders in activism with a focus on social justice and sustainability. From financial oversight to speaking in the community on our campaigns, our board members are helping to steer our movement forward. Board of Directors

Food & Water Watch Board Maude Barlow BOARD CHAIR Wenonah Hauter EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR Rudolf Amenga-Etego Elyzabeth Peredo Beltrán Robert Howarth Mary Ricci Lisa Schubert

Food & Water Action Board Wenonah Hauter BOARD CHAIR & EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR Craig Merrilees Adolph Reed Mary Ricci

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Food & Water Watch • Food & Water Action • 2021 Annual Report

Donor Roll

Thanks to YOU, we all can fight like we live here!

Every year we learn that the climate crisis is more dire, and our food and water are at greater risk. But each year we also see the undisputed impact that our bold, persistent advocacy can have at the local, state, and federal levels. We are making change because of you. We don’t take any corporate funding so that we can take the strong, independent stands necessary to protect people and what we need to thrive. Truly, YOU are Food & Water Watch and Food & Water Action. As we prepare for new challenges and opportunities, we want to recognize and honor members like you, who are true heroes for people and the planet. Thank YOU for all you do and all you give!

FOUNDERS CIRCLE Our Founders Circle members offer gifts that lead to transformative, positive change in the world. Without their support and advice, we simply wouldn’t be able to do the longterm strategizing that’s needed to win our fights for a brighter future. Anonymous Edie Allen

Beverly G. Bean Stephen & Karen Beck E. Cordy Beckstead Nancy Bernstein Brightside Charitable Foundation Molly Canfield & Gray Reilly John & Mai Cleary Lori Colina-Lee & Simon Lee Dianne Cress Jean Cushman Ms. Ann & Mr. David Diller Dr. Paul Dirmeyer Melissa Elstein & Eric Katzman Claudine & Michael Ferrante Susan F. Fleming

Dr. Diane Fletcher-Hoppe Karen Fond Bob & Joyce Foster Gloria & Steven Foster A&A Frankel Family

Ms. Ann Srubek Lauren Steiner Karen Warren & Dr Alan Warren LEADERS CIRCLE Our Leaders Circle members make gifts that allow us to strategically plan our campaigns to stop fracking and demand a clean energy future to protect people, our climate, and our food and water. We are very grateful for their investments in fighting for a better world. Anonymous Marilyn & Don Allan

Dede Gardner Ellie Goldberg

Madelaine Haberman Elaine Hagedorn, CHM Mrs. Anuradha Hansen Phillip & Lynne Himelstein HJF Charitable Fund Nancy Hoecker

Anonymous San Francisco Family Nancy S. Nordhoff Charles M. Nunzio Marjorie Roswell Michael J. Shapiro

Nancy M. Hughes Beth & Mike Kelley

Gregory & Sonja Alper Lynne & Karen Azarchi


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Food & Water Watch • Food & Water Action • 2021 Annual Report

Sharon & Ken Kind David Klein & Edie Pistolesi Adam Koranyi Kathleen Lockwood Jennifer C. McNeil Alan Messer John Nelson & Jeanne Sargent Natalie Pien Frances Posel Marian Ronan, Ph.D. Helene Shore Alan Snitow Diana Sparagna Diana Stark Catherine Stiefel Claire Tonry LEADERS CIRCLE CONTINUED >

Circle are influential to our mission and critical in making our wins possible. Anonymous Ms. Ann Albence Kathie Arnold

Arden D. Down Laurie Eavey Ms. Anne Ehrlich Ms. Andrea Eisenberg Samuel Esposito & Anna Giaquinto Stuart Feen & Sunny Sonnenschein Gail Fein Tessa Sage Flores Jane Arakawa Fowler Dr. Andrew & Diana Frost Keith Frost Marieke Furnee & Israel Perla Marc Futernick Bob Gerber & Veronica A. Rynn Robert E. Godes Elena Goldstein Barbara Gross Mrs. Mary Hafley Jennifer Haley Tracy Harris Marjorie Harrison John Harvey & Carol Gerdt Mr. David C. Heilbron Marion Hunt

Diane M. Ichiyasu Kenneth Israel Karl Johnson Ms. Joanne Johnson Henry Kahn & Mickey Gillmor Lara & Ron Katzman Charles & Angeliki V. Keil Anne Kimberly Steve King & Susan Boren King Boris Kofman Ralph Koldinger Ursula Korneitchouk Frank Kroger Ms. Kathryn Kroger

Fredrick Arnstein Scott Atthowe & Patricia Thomas Jan & Mark Balcom

Ms. Bonita Beard Laura Bernstein Eric Bischoff Vincent Brancato Pamela & George Brandman Kathleen Breiten Frank W. Brice Bette & Jim Brockman-Richards John Cawley & Christine Marshall Seth & Diane Davidson Lois & Dale Derouin Kenneth Diamondstone Berry Dilley Mark Dodel & Patricia Rylko, M.D. Ken Dolsky

Carol Ann Kurtz Barbara C. Kyse Ms. Martha Latshaw Julie Levine Bill & Lynn Limpert

Ms. Kitty Ufford-Chase Susan Urquhart-Brown

Walter E. D. Miller Charitable Fund

Ann H. Logan Stephanie Low

CHAMPIONS CIRCLE Throughout the year, our Champions make significant donations that help build our organizations and make all of our work possible. Members of the Champions

Steve & Cindy Lyons Tom Wallace Lyons Cat L. Marcasciano James & Laura Marshall


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Food & Water Watch • Food & Water Action • 2021 Annual Report

Oscar Harrison Mayer Fund of Fidelity Charitable Keith McBee CHAMPIONS CIRCLE CONTINUED >

PARTNERS/ ACTION PARTNERS Every month, our sustaining Food & Water Partners and Action Partners make contributions that provide the dedicated support we need to win our campaigns to stop more fossil fuels and to protect safe food and clean water. Anonymous David Addison Angie Aker

Greg Singleton Daniel E. Smith Joanna & Ian Smith Rob & Michelle Smith

Fred Bickerton Edward Blanton Larry Bogolub Ms. Patricia Bolles Barbara Bouder Lena Bravo Barbara Breitman A. Brennan Karen Bridges Ms. Victoria Bruckner Michael Bucell & Cynthia Legin-Bucell Florence Buckley Joseph Buhowsky Ms. Katie Bull Rev. Thirman Bulluck

Elaine McKiernan Janice McMannis Myron Meisel Barbara J. Meislin/ Purple Lady Fund Bill Meyer Dano Michaud

Judi Stauffer Mary Steele Kat Stephens Kathy Sykes Zephyr Teachout Mary Thomas Kathi Blatt Thonet Wendy Tsien Stephen Vetzner

Diana Nasser Lucille Nurkse Elizabeth O’Halloran Jane Palmer Mr. & Mrs. Theodore Peyton The Phinney Family Donald E. Proctor Robert Pulford Ellen Relkin & Alan Rojer Theresa A. Riccardi Christiane Riederer James Roth Nathan E. Savin Phillip & Kiki Schlosberg Lisa Schubert Daniel E. Seiple

Ethel Atlas Abrams John & Judy Allen

Susan Wagner Susan Weltman Ms. Diane Wexler Ben & Mary Wiener Patty Williams Judy Willour & Ron Prosek Sara Wilson Karen & Charlie Wright, Wright Health Coach Virginia Sun Yee Karen Yuste

Jeanne Baggs Arlene Baker

Robert Bannard Mrs. Ina Barnish Holly Battaile John & Linda Beaty Madeline Beauchamp Beck-Horowitz Family/ Bethel Pastures Farm Margaret Bell Richard Bentley Anna Berg Warren Berger

Kathy Bungarz Alan Bushbaum Ms. Caron Cadle Roberta Camp

Maurine Canarsky Rebecca Cantrell Bob & Linda Carlough John Carter Mary P. Carter


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Food & Water Watch • Food & Water Action • 2021 Annual Report


Ms. Mary Cassell Mr. Robert Cauley Ms. Marietta Charbonneau Mrs. Ann Charland Ray & Lynda Charlebois Jayni & Chevy Chase Christine & Mary Mr. Charles Coddington Naomi Cohen Katie Collins Rita Collins Allegra Conway Ian Cooke Joanne Corey Eric Eldering Cornetta Kathleen Corona Judith Corvin-Blackburn Mr. & Mrs. James Cox

Ann de Vitry Jeanne Desmedt Katie DeVito Donna & John Diamond W. Dietrich

figMEDIA Inc. Annie Flanagan

Lumina Greenway David M. Griffith Linda Griggs Ms. Heidi Gundling Patricia H. Ms. Margaret Hahn

Nina & Rob Forsythe Dr. Katherine Foster Ms. Nancy Frank Bobbie Fredsall Susan Freytes Julia Fujioka Jan Fulcomer Ms. Sandy Fulton Donna Gaab Mrs. Jean Gadd Francisco Gadea Joe & Debra Galliani

Louis Discepola M. Susan Ditzler

Lisa Hakanson Betty Hamilton Elise Handelman Mr. & Mrs. Edward Hanks

Jean Doering Mrs. Susan & Mr. Edward Donahue Bob Downie, M.D. Bud Dreas Pamela L. Dreyfuss Carol Duke

Ms. Karla Hansen Linda Killian Hardy Nancy Harkins Barry Harper Catherine Harper & Roy Winnick Richard Harsley & Julie Taberman Julie Hashbarger Stacey Hawkins Carolyn J. Hayek Bonnie K. Hayes

Jessica Dunlap Arnaud Dunoyer Bethany Anne Dusenberry Margaret Dyson-Cobb Carol Else Barbara J. Evans Ms. Susan Eveland Aaron Favin Mrs. Jane Fehrenbacher Mrs. June Feldman Jennifer Fendya, Ph.D. Patricia Ferguson

Dianne Gaschler Carolyn George

Ms. Jeanne Gerson Mrs. Nora Gerstein Ms. Constance Strait Gilhooly

Cheryl Crist John Cross Peggy Cruder Kevin Crupi Jose Cruz Ms. Particia Darby Ruth Darlington Ms. Hara Davis

Janet Glass Tim Glover Gayle S. Goldsmith Omer Goodner Megan Gould Ms. Patricia Gracian Margaret Graham

Kaycee Heid Jenny Heinz Helene Ms. Vickie Hershberger


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Food & Water Watch • Food & Water Action • 2021 Annual Report


Carol Hilton Monica Hirai

Ms. Sally Kiefer Laura L. H. King, Ph.D.

Thomas Lux Elisabeth MacCormick Karen Macklom Jan MacWilliams Louise Mahatcek Charlene V. Maker Tania Malven Jan Mardfin Joan Martinez Ms. Laurel Mason Leora Matranga Pat Matsueda Nancy Matthews Ms. Sarah Mattingly W. Clark McCall, Jr., M.A.

Judith McQueen Ms. Melody Mead Rev. Carole Mehl Gregory Mehrten Eva Melas Fred Mendez Marissa Mercado Thomas Meyer Ms. Ruth Miale Bill & Charlotte Miller Ms. Pamela Miller

Michelle Hiseley Carole Hodges Carol L. Hoover, Ph.D. Jen Horowitz Ms. Ilona Anne Hress Amelia Hummel Bernie & Jim Humphrey Noa Iacob Ms. Sonia ImMasche Nicholas A. Jackson Ms. Joann Jacques Saul Jaime Stanislav & Milena Jaracz Steve & Kathy Jervey Dr. Burton Johnson Ms. Nancy Johnson Dr. Wendy Jones & Dr. Paul Sawyer C. K.

Laura Kinser Peggy Klimek

Ms. Maurine Klimt Roger & Lalah Kline Louise Knapp Crystal Konny & Brian Costello Jane C. Kosow Judith A. Kramer Judith Kuppersmith, Ph.D. Teresa J. Ladd Doug Lakey & Patrick Bevill Joanne Landers Dianne Lane Norbert & Marian Cruger Langer Dr. Ronald Lanner

Sarah T. Miller Suzanne Miller Valerie L. Miller

Ms. Jill Milton Mary Jane Milz Ms. Marilyn Monclova Yvonne Moody

Mr. Locke McCorkle Bettsy McCoubrey

Lisa McDaniel-Hutchings Sean & Julie McDonough Hugh McFarlane Dr. Eileen McInerney Mrs. Miriam McLeod Brian & Kathleen McMahon Miles McManus &

Ms. Jane Larsh Patricia Laska Kevin Lee Randy Leiser Tammy Lettieri JoAnne & Barry Levine Kathy Levine Ms. Melanie Logan

John Mooney Sallie Morgan Anthony (Tony) D. Morganti, Jr. Bert Morris

Janet Kahn Barb Kane

Ruth Merwin Moser Ms. Katherine Murray Jeannie-Kay Nerenburg Ms. Linda Newkirk

Kathryn Kassner Ruth Kauffmann Marilyn & Richard Kelly

Kate Shepherd Bill McNaught


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Food & Water Watch • Food & Water Action • 2021 Annual Report


Theodore Nichols Mrs. Susan Noel Dr. Don Nonini

Jon Porter, M.D. Phillip Powell Mrs. Marita & Mr. Peter Prandoni Louis Puliafito Rita & Daniel Raftery Holli & Kevin Rainwater Jean Dennis Randolph Noreen Rapp Fran Recht Susan M. Reeves Madeline Rhum A. Richter Norma Riley Rajwantee Robinson Martin & Genevieve Rollins

Richard Schoemer Gregory Scholz Joanne Schwarz Ms. Joan Scott Ms. Rebecca Scott Debby Scully Miriam Sexton Ms. Laura Shaida Elizabeth Sheppard

Joyce Statland Jan Stautz-Hamlin Sharon Steckman Susan R. Steinhauser Ms. Linda Steputat Kaylah Cheryl Sterling Roberta Stern Mimi Stevens Andrea & Bill Stickney Dwight Stone Susan Strickland Sue & Lorna Barbara Svoboda Kenneth L. Swanson Jane T. Keith Taber Mrs. Mary Taddiken Ms. Cassina Tarsia Melissa Theiss Kurt Thoens Ms. Avis Thomas Mrs. Karen Thomas Robert & Patryce Thomas Mr. Zack Tinnin

Ms. Gillian Norris-Szanto Margaret Nuccio George Ohlendorf Larry Olson Mrs. Leone Olson Ms. Judy Olson Ms. Evelyn Overton Ms. Janet Painter

‘Jesse’ Philip Sherman Ms. Lynn Shoemaker Mary & Edward Sholkovitz Janet Sidewater Martha Siebe Florence & Merle Siebert Kent Simon Eduardo Siqueira Mr. Gibson Smith Ms. Imelda Smith K. Smith, Largo Ms. Susan Snyder Gail Dubinsky Spielman Karen Stacey Mary Stacie

Laura Pakaln Paul J. Palla Bob Panzer Diane Paolazzi

Barbara R. Paulson Heather Perlmutter Mary & Doug Perry Susan C. Peters Ms. Jody L. Peterson Kathleen Piccagli Mr. Christopher Pike Cici Pinto Ayaxy Podulka Jess Poirier

Catherine Ronan Barbara Rosenthal Jean & Lackey Rowe Phil Runkel Vera & Gary Rushmer June Russell Lois & Dan Salinas Dale Sams Mr. Victor Sasson Katie Craig Scherfig

Clifford Stackonis Karen Stansbery

Ms. Joanne Todd Mrs. Shirley Tofte


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Food & Water Watch • Food & Water Action • 2021 Annual Report


Robert Toop Deborah Tordillos Mr. Michael Travis

Trina Westerlund Catherine White David White Stewart Wilber Heather Williams

Mr. Leonard & Phyllis Adams Mrs. Pauline Adams Mara Alper Andrea & Richard Amend Ms. Suzanne Ammerman Mr. Clifford Anderson

Mr. David Beachlaputz Mary Ann Beck Mr. Martin C. Becker Thomas & Lilian Beggs Meredith Begin & Corey Parent Mrs. Victoria Bell Gloria-Jean Berberich Miriam Berg Dan & Lynn U. Berman Mr. Peter Beves Mr. Leonard Billing

Ann D. Tretter Sally B. Trice Mrs. Barbara Jan Tully Ms. Maria Tulman Dianna Uchida Ms. Roberta VandeGriff Gretchen Vander Meulen Rick Varner Joseph M. Varon David Vassar Alaya Vautier Ms. Mary Elizabeth Vigil Estelle Voelker Jason von Wilpert Andrea Wachter Sue Walden Mrs. Joy Walker Kay Ward Mr. Joseph Wasserman

Hugh Wilson Betty Winkler Ann Wolf Richard Wood Charlene W. Woodcock Claudia Woodman

Glen Anderson Joanne Andrews Kimberly Anthony

Ms. Suzanne Antisdel Leon E. & Susan V. App Mr. Mark Archambault

Elizabeth Wright Lee-Lani Wright Margaret Wykes Mr. Barry Zavah Bennet Zurofsky &

Ms. Carol Blake Max Bochmann Paul Borcherding Judith Borcz Charles Bores Kent Borges Candace Brady Catherine Bridges

Ms. Danelle Ardell Susan Argetsinger The Rev. Canon Henry L. Atkins, Jr. Elizabeth Axtell Flo Brodley Jim Bachman John Backlund Ms. Jill Barkan Linda J.W. Barnes Craig Barry

Susan Vereheak MOBILIZERS Mobilizers are our grassroots power source, leading the charge to ban fracking, protect affordable water, and shut down factory farms in more places throughout the country. Anonymous Joan Abruzzo

Michele Bruns Ms. Dulcie Bull Mr. Dennis & Ms. Susan Burns Richard Burrill Lora Byxbe Nancy & Robert Cadmus

Elizabeth Watts Margaret Watts Randall Wayne Ms. Nancy Weeks

Linda Barstow Maria Bartlett Marcus Bass & Dinah Flack


foodandwaterwatch.org • foodandwateraction.org


Food & Water Watch • Food & Water Action • 2021 Annual Report

Linda Cahill John Campbell Dr. Linda Carroll Marshall Carter-Tripp Dr. Stephanie Chalmers Mr. Stephen Chase Lynne Chesire Mr. & Mrs. Robert Chur MOBILIZERS CONTINUED > Louise V. Churchill Christine Ciepiela Denise Clark Lee Clayton Ms. Carol Cleave Ruth Clifford Bob & Diane Coderre Jane Coe Melanie Cohen Peter & Gert Coleman Michael & Janis Colman Charlie Cooper David Copperman Ruthellen & Bruce Corbett Jan Corderman Catherine Cosman Dr. Mary Lou Courrege Vera Cousins

Mr. Gary Cozette Ernie Crandall Carolyn Crutchfield

Sara Eckel Carol Edwards Mr. Claire & Mrs. Hilkka Egtvedt Mr. Robert Ellis Launa Ellison Julia Engelhard Ms. Victoria English M. Epple Mrs. Virginia Erickson Ms. Ettenger

Ms. Barbara Foster Ms. Jean Fraga Mrs. Jo Fredricks Dawn Freiberger Mrs. Ann Frutkin Janet & Dick Futrell John Gagnon

Diana Cumming Joy L. Cummings Dr. Robert & Dr. Judy Cureton Shirley L. Curry Dianne & Bob Davis Richard Dawson

Beth Phillips Galloway Walt & Hollie Galloway Mr. Robert Garavel Barbara Covington Gardner Ms. Deborah Gayner

Winifred De Palma Jonae B. DeLong Toni DeNicola Ms. Maxine Denniston Mrs. Rita DeSimone Ms. Carol Devoss Ms. Doris Dickerson Carolyn Dille Brian Ditzler Michael Dobie Mrs. Dianne Doochin Joan Downey Kathleen Doyle Kyle & Jeneal Duff Glenda Dugan Brian & Mariko Dugay Diana Duncan

Alicia Imbert Evans Dr. Cynthia K. Evans David Matthew Ewing Joan L. Farb Ms. Martha Farkasovsky Florence B. Fowlkes Jacqueline Fein-Zachary Dr. Henry Ferrell James Field Mr. Peter Finnigan June C. Fischer Ms. Marcia Flannery Irwin Flashman Nancy Fleischer Steven Forman Mrs. Genevieve Forsyth

Carola Gerigk Tracy Gibbons Ms. Ainslie Gilligan John & Dorothy Givens Mark Glasser Dr. Jeff Golliher Mr. John Goodner Brian & Claudia Grant Kristen Gray MaryAnn H. Gregory Jacquelyn Griffith

Mark Grossman Barbara Gurtler Rochelle Habeck


foodandwaterwatch.org • foodandwateraction.org


Food & Water Watch • Food & Water Action • 2021 Annual Report

Ms. Cleo Hagen Diana Hall Mr. Lyle Hall Ms. Emily Hancock Carolyn Harder James Harris Tyler Harris Dr. Rebecca L. Hart Ms. Regina Hart Ms. Georgeann Hartzog Fern Hatzenbuhler Dr. Rachel Havrelock William T. Healey Harriet Heineman Valerie Heinzen Julia Herd Mr. Cornelius Hieber, Jr. MOBILIZERS CONTINUED >

Dorothy Hudson Walter Hudson Bettina Hughes Joan Intrator

Badger & Joe Kopnitsky Jon Krampner Mr. Stephen Kriegel Ms. Eldred Lamb Ms. Barbara Lanckiewicz Joel Landau Ms. Edith R. Lauderdale Ms. Louann Lauer Christine Lazar

Dennis Martin Ms. Kristine Mathews Anne Matlack Ramona Matthews Fred & Kathy Maynard Mrs. Catherine C. McCabe Gregg McCauley Maryse McConnell Marc McCord Maria F. McCulloch Mr. Thomas McDaniel Ms. Mary Jane McIntee John & Gloria McManus Terrence McNally Ms. Joanne Meagher

Robert V. Jacobson Dr. Karen Jacques & Dr. Kenneth Wilcox Deborah A. Jamieson Ms. Margit Johansson Ms. Nancy Johnson Ms. Sally Jorgensen C. Joslyn Mrs. Susan Kalloch Mr. Jeremy Karsh Rosemary Snapp Kean Kathleen Kelcey Diane Kelley Ms. Lida Keltz Gary Ketcheson Mr. Peter Killheffer

Dr. Rebecca Leas Mrs. Susan Leaver Ms. Betty J. Letzig Patricia Ligibel

Mr. Ronald Limbrick Mr. Gregory Lincoln Donna Robin Lippman Leslie Lomas Diane L. Long Mrs. Mary Lonnquest Mary Jo Lord Robert & Mary Ann Lowe Liz Lynch Candace Machein Robert D. Magarian Mr. Phillip Mahaffey Lesley Manring-Borchers

Mr. Dady Mehta Mr. David Meisel Clara Melman Cal Mendelsohn

Ms. Josie Hill Andrew Hinz

Ms. Paula Hock Linda M. Hodge Ms. Marion Hoekstra Joyce Hollifield Russ Hopler Richard A. Horvitz Linda Howe

Fran Merker Judy Merrill Twyla Meyer Joanne Carol Meyers Betty & Peter Michelozzi

Paul Kinzelman Sandra Kissam Ms. Cindy Klein Andrea Kobela Jennifer Kolarsick Mr. James Kollros

Ms. Gail Miller Joseph Miller


foodandwaterwatch.org • foodandwateraction.org


Food & Water Watch • Food & Water Action • 2021 Annual Report

Rebecca Miller Sarah Miller Dr. Steve Mimnaugh MOBILIZERS CONTINUED > Ms. Anita Mitchell-Duisberg Cynthia & Ron Moe-Lobeda Ms. Beverly Montie

Kate & Robert Parker Sheila Parks Marilyn Paul Barbara Peck Mrs. Pamela Penn Thomas Perez Maria & Bill Perrotti James & Elaine Peters Mary Petit Phillip & Joyce Pfanschmidt Jacob Picheny Mr. John Pickett Wayne Pipke Mrs. Carol & Mr. Ray Pittman Leslie & Frank Potter Karen Pramenko Drs. Theresa & Thomas Pretlow Lynn & Keith Quirolo David Quist Mr. Paul Ramey Joann Ramos Mrs. Deborah Rash Helen Ratico Christina Redse Mary Reed

Mr. Paul Reichert Mary H. Reinertsen Ms. Andrea Rhiel Hilda Richey Cameron & Carlene Roberts Katherine Roberts Stone Roberts Janice Robinson

Brian Scanlan & Gail Kauflin-Scanlan Robert & Connie Scharlau Doctors Mel & Carol Scherpenisse Shandon Schmeiske Greg Schmitt Dr. Susan Selbin Ann Seligman & Michael Starr Eve Shapiro Ruth Sheldon Ms. Elaine Shinnaberry Ms. Beverly Siegel Donald & Goldie Gendler Silverman Kathleen Simons Mrs. Jennifer & Mr. Kenneth Siskind Jill S. Slater Mrs. Carol A. Slippey Ms. Denise Sly Ms. Katherine Smith Kathy Smith

Shelby Morales Cynthia Morgan Ms. Ella Mose Lisa Murphy

Allan Rodgers David Rohrlich David Rose Mr. Bruce Rosen

Ms. Therese Nagai Ms. Ginger Navarro Mrs. Sue Neidzielski Gail Neustadt Sharon Newman Ms. Linda Nicholes Joan Nikelsky Michael O. Nimkoff

Suzanne Rosenblatt Ms. Abby Rosenthal

Cynthia Rosso Nancy Rotecki Robert Rottenburg & Suzanne Kimmel Kenneth Ruby Michael & Kristine Runyon Mrs. Irene Rush Deborah Dashow Ruth

Sharon Nolting Rae Ellen O’Hair John & Sandra O’Rourke Karole & Harry Ohme Carla Pagliaro Ms. Tari Pantaleo & Douglas Miller Mrs. Susan Papp

Christy Sacks Monica Sands Mr. Peter Sandstrom

Catherine L. Snyder Barbara Soderberg Mr. William Solomon


foodandwaterwatch.org • foodandwateraction.org


Food & Water Watch • Food & Water Action • 2021 Annual Report

Glenn Sorrell Steven & Karen Spiegel Delaine Spilsbury Mr. Richard Stafford Mr. Robert Stayman Charlene Stender Arianna Stern Ms. Sidney Stetson Nancy Stevens Curt & Susan Stiles Barbara & Richard Stomber Linda Sussman Mr. Stephen Sutton Ms. Barbara Swanson Douglas M. Taggart Mr. Roland Takami Mr. Michael Tamarack Barbara Taylor Frank & Nina Thorp Dennis & Michelle Tighe Dale & Lynda Diana Toth Mary Toth Lana Touchstone Mary Beth Trautwein Sandra Truman MOBILIZERS CONTINUED >

Mr. Kenneth Turkowski Ms. Judy Umansky & Mr. Michael Anft Ms. Judy Urban Leathea Vanadore Gail & Petter Veiby

Ms. Amy Wilson Jean Wilson Judith Wink & Michael Zumoff Eugene Wisgowski James Wittebols Andrew & Kathleen Wittenborn Michael Wolf Tami & Brad Woodard Dr. Kenneth Wright, Ph.D. Patricia Youngson Judith Zaccone Ms. Joan Zawacki FOOD & WATER FUND FOR THE FUTURE Thank you to those members who have made estate plans that include designations to support our work for safe food and clean water so that future generations can live in a better world. Anonymous Royelen Lee Boykie Vincent Brancato Melanie Cohen Tisha Douthwaite Bob & Joyce Foster

Paul & Suzanne Howes Judith Kay Susanna Knittel Ann H. Logan Deborah Milkowski Frances Posel Nancy Pratt

Carol Vericker Martha Vinick Mrs. Emily Wade Ms. Liz Wassell Daneen Wassink Cynthia Weber

Lisa Schubert Ginny Shaller Renee Shapiro & Mimi Rhys Karen Carlson White

Grant Wiegert Elaine Wolter

Kathy Weber Nancy Weber


Mrs. Elaine Weihman Carolyn Weinberger Elaine Weir Carole G. Whitehead

It takes vision and courage for private philanthropy to support our advocacy for trustworthy food, clean water and a livable climate. Thank you to these foundations for their grants and support for all of our work. 11 th Hour Project Abell Foundation Carroll Petrie Foundation Climate Imperative Environmental Endowment for New Jersey

Cathy Wickham Mr. Paul Weigl &

Mrs. Margherite Weigl Ms. Janet H. Wiksten Ms. Nancy Wilkins Robert Williams Roger & Kristi Willliams Emilie & Ralph Wills


foodandwaterwatch.org • foodandwateraction.org


Food & Water Watch • Food & Water Action • 2021 Annual Report

SUPER VOLUNTEERS People are our secret weapon in the fight for safe food and clean water. We don’t have space to list all of those who have been part of our campaigns in the past year, but we wanted to highlight

European Climate Foundation Firedoll Foundation FJC: A Foundation of Philanthropic Funds Foundation for Pennsylvania Watersheds

Sarah Edwards The Fears Family Gail Carol Gay Fred Harrison Jen Horowitz Marcia Isman J. J. Jackson Guy Jacob Sandra Kissam

Bob Stayman Joseph M. Varon David Vassar Pat von Alten Marilyn Warlick


The Fund for Change Funder Collaborative on Oil and Gas

some of our superstar volunteers who gave greatly of their own time this year.

CONFERENCE & BENEFIT In late September, we held our first ever virtual conference in conjunction with our annual benefit. Hundreds of members joined us live online to learn, network, and celebrate our ongoing work for clean water, safe food and a livable climate. Thank you to everyone who is “All In.” LEAD SPONSORS Marilyn & Don Allan Karen Warren & Dr Alan Warren BENEFACTORS Anonymous Lynne & Karen Azarchi Beth & Mike Kelley CHAIRS Anonymous Craig Merrilees CONTINUED >

Heinz Endowments Janelia Foundation John Sperling Foundation Manaaki Foundation McCune Foundation New World Foundation New York Community Trust Park Foundation

Anonymous Edith Abeyta Vin Agamenone Paul Auerbach Joe Basralian Enis Bengul Vincent Brancato

Gail B. Landy Sharon L. Liu

Margaret Maher Danyelle Mason Bill McClelland Jan McMannis Caroline A. Morris Elizabeth Ndoye Chris Nowell Elena Salinas O’Toole Katie Olsson Paula Rogovin Manijeh Saba Dianne Scheper Ken Schles Kati Tovah Silverman

Plastic Solutions Fund Rose Foundation for Communities and the Environment Dr. Robert C. and Tina Sohn Foundation Tides Foundation Tortuga Foundation Wallace Global Fund Zanvyl and Isabelle Krieger Fund

Jim Brown Joyce Bryk Tony Buba Liz Campos Troy Corely Sheina L. Crystal Kate Delany John Detwiler Ken Dolsky Madeline Drelichman

foodandwaterwatch.org • foodandwateraction.org


Food & Water Watch • Food & Water Action • 2021 Annual Report

Alan T. Messer Alan Snitow COMMITTEE Chuck Bell Nancy Bernstein Pam & George Brandman Dianne Cress Jonathan Culler Arden Down Fredericka Foster Stan & Colleen Freidberg Susan E. Gladstone JSA Sustainable Wealth Management Sharon Kind Betsy L. Krieger Carol A. Kurtz Kathleen Lockwood CONFERENCE CONTINUED >

Susan Weltman & Steve Jervis Amy Wolf Elsa Wood ACTIVISTS Daniele Gerard Marion Hunt Lara and Ron Katzman

CleanEarth4Kids.org Diane H. Davidson Ken Dolsky Bob Downie, M.D. Martha & Peter Dragovich Pamela L. Dreyfuss Sarah Edwards Melissa Elstein Carol E. Gay Bill Gee Judith Green Mark Grossman Claude Guillemard Madelaine Haberman Fred Harrison Elizabeth Ingalls Howard Josepher, LCSW Zoe Kelman Kiki & Phillip Jennifer Kolarsick Jan Mardfin Eileen McInerney Timothy & Theresa Merkel

Deborah Milkowski Michael C. Miller Pamela Olsen Natalie Pien Jane Rice Bruce Rosen Clare Rosenfield Christy Sacks Nathan Savin Ken Schles Susan Schmitt, M.D. Kate Sinding Daly Donna Skibbe Carol Soderholm Barbara Stomber Richard Stuckey Jane Torrence Tamara Tripp Susan Van Dolsen Jennifer Watts Elaine Weir

Ralph Koldinger Dr. Judy Kramer Michele Merkel Lisa Schubert Kathy E. Sykes Greg Thomson Kitty Ufford-Chase

Virginia Yee DEFENDERS Anonymous Edie Allen Helen Altieri

Ann H. Logan Stephanie Low Elaine McKiernan Lisa Rosenfield Judi Stauffer

Caland Barney Beverly G. Bean Bonita Beard Debbie Berkowitz

Betty Winkler Albert Wurth

foodandwaterwatch.org • foodandwateraction.org


Food & Water Watch • Food & Water Action • 2021 Annual Report

Why isn’t my name on the Donor Roll?

Each year we publish this list to honor and recognize those people and institutions that provided extraordinary support. If you are wondering why your name isn’t here... it could be in the future! We only listed people who gave us explicit permission, and only listed them in the format they requested. Many people and foundations wish for their names to be anonymous, and we have honored their requests. If you feel your name should be on this year’s list, and we missed it, please accept our apologies, but know that we erred on the side of caution and only listed the names of those who gave us explicit permission to list them. We tried hard to get it right, and are very sorry if we inadvertently omitted or incorrectly listed your name. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our Philanthropy Coordinator by email at donate@fwwatch.org or by phone at (202) 683-4941. Thank you again to all who agreed to be recognized — and to all who wished to remain anonymous — for your incredible support. We would love to honor you and publicly recognize your contributions next year!



foodandwaterwatch.org • foodandwateraction.org


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