Alleyn Club Yearbook 2017


(4.9% net) even after allowing for the special dividend income.

Committee: Ordinary Members A Bhola (90-95) J J Bubb Humfryes (99-07) G O Curtis (56-64) A T Frankford (62-69)

Held on Friday, 28 October 2016, 6.30 pm in the Board Room, Dulwich College Present:

The President thanked the Hon Treasurer for his meticulous work on behalf of the Club. Adoption of the accounts was proposed by C W Field and seconded by Sir Peter Duffell. 3. The President proposed, and there was unanimous agreement, that the following grants for 2016/7, having been published in the Yearbook, should be approved en bloc: • £1000 to the College for Alleyn Club Prizes • £1000 to the Old Alleynian Endowment Fund for sponsorships • £500 to the Old Alleynian Football Club • £1000 to the Old Alleynian Boat Club • £1000 to the Old Alleynian Golfing Society • A grant of up to £350 for the Old Alleynian Shooting Society. • £2000 to the Old Alleynian Sailing Society to cover part of the cost of chartering vessels for boys’ sail training week Election of Officers: President Sir Colin Rimer (54-62) Vice President Professor A M Tomkins OBE (54-61)

P G R Lyon (52-60) MA President (in the chair)

S J Martin (83-90) A Turnbull (87-92) NM Howe (74 – 80) AEH Mole (89 – 96)

Sir Colin Rimer (54 – 62) Vice President

J D P Kendall MA FCCA (59-67) Hon Treasurer

4. Representatives of Old Alleynian Sporting and Social Clubs A R Langley (98-03) Alleynian Sailing Society T O C Saunders (01-06) OABC J B St L Franklin LLB (90-98) OAFC W L Lewis (54-65) OAGS

T Llewelyn MA (72 – 79) Secretary

and 62 members

Common Room Representative J H Rosslyn-Smith BSc (97-04)

Apologies: Ven P R Turner, Very Reverend A Warren, N M Howe, S J Martin. 1. Approval of the Minutes of the Annual General Meeting held on 30th October 2015, which had been printed in the Yearbook and were available at the meeting, was proposed by A Langley, seconded by J F Thornton and carried unanimously. The Minutes were duly signed as a correct record. 2. The Accounts for 2015 were issued to all present. With regard to the Income and Expenditure account the Hon Treasurer reported that the £20.4k surplus for the year was more than double that for 2014. This was mainly due to to two special dividends totalling £10.2k. On the expenditure side, there was an increase in the Year Book printing costs of some £2k and a one-off grant for conservation work by the archivist. As regards the balance sheet, he noted there was a fall in the investments due to a policy of holding 10 per cent of the total fund as cash. In spite of this the overall yield had stayed at 5.5% gross

The Master and the immediate Past President are members of the Committee ex officio

Trustees J D P Kendall (59-67) P G R Lyon (52-60) E C J Walsh (73-81)

5. Endorsement of Trustees of the Old Alleynian Endowment Trust: The Chairman asked for clarification of ‘Endorsement of Trustees of the OA Endowment Fund’. Chairman of the fund, I W Warburton explained that he was seeking the endorsement of the AGM that the gentlemen listed were fit and proper people to sit on the OAEF committee. It was unamimously agreed by those present that they were. Trutees of the OAEF: P V Jolly, P Petyt, J H Rosslyn-Smith, N R Rundle (Hon. Sec.), I W Warburton (Chairman) and T J L Woudhuysen.

Hon Asst Secretary N R Robinson FCIArb (62-71)

Hon Asst Secretary T J Walsh BA

Hon Treasurer J D P Kendall MA FCCA (59-67)

6. There being no other business the meeting ended at 6.45pm

Auditors F W Berringer & Co

T Llewelyn, Secretary


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