Alleyn Club Yearbook 2017

NOTICE OF THE 2017 ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING Friday 3 November 2017, 6.30pm in the Board Room, Dulwich College Agenda

1. To approve the Minutes of the Annual General Meeting held on 28 October 2016.

2. To approve the Annual Accounts for the year ended 31 December 2016.

3. To note , by reference to the said Accounts, the payments made during the calendar year 2016 pursuant to Rule 23 of The Alleyn Club Rules (“the Rules”).

4. To approve Grants for 2018:

- £1,000 to the College for Alleyn Club prizes - £1,000 to the Old Alleynian Endowment Fund for sponsorships - £500 to the Old Alleynian Sports Club Limited - £1,000 to the Old Alleynian Boat Club - £1,000 to the Old Alleynian Golfing Society - £2,000 to the Alleynian Sailing Society to cover part of the cost of chartering vessels for boys’ sail training week - A grant (if required) of up to £560 for the Old Alleynian Shooting Club 5. Election of Officers and others: To elect the Officers of the Club and, as members of the Committee, eight Ordinary Members and four representatives of Old Alleynian recreational, social or sporting organisations all as shown as follows: - President: Professor A M Tomkins OBE [54-61] - Vice-President: J F Thornton [65-75] - Hon Treasurer: J D P Kendall MA FCCA [59-67] - Hon Assistant Secretaries: N R Robinson FCIArb [62-71]; T J Walsh BA - Ordinary Members: A Bhola [90-95]; J J Bubb Humfryes [99-07]; G O Curtis [56-64]; A T Frankford [62-69]; S J Martin [83-90]; A Turnbull [87-92]; N M Howe [74-80]; A E H Mole [89-96] - Representatives of Old Alleynian recreational etc organisations: Dr A R Langley [98-03] (Alleynian Sailing Society); T O C Saunders [01-06] (OA Boat Club); J B St L Franklin LLB [90-98] (OA Sports Club Limited); W L Lewis [54-65] (OA Golfing Society) - Note: The Committee also includes the Common Room Representative, namely J H Rosslyn-Smith BSc [97-04], elected in accordance with Rule 5(c) of the Rules; and The Master and the immediate Past President, who are members of the Committee ex officio

6. To ratify the appointment of any new trustee or trustees of the Old Alleynian Endowment Fund that may be made before the Annual General Meeting

7. To consider and, if approved, to pass the Resolutions set out in Schedule 3 to Appendix 1.

8. To consider and, if approved, to adopt the amendments to the Rules set out in Schedule 2 to Appendix 2.

T. Llewelyn [72-79] Secretary


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