Alleyn Club Yearbook 2017


22. No sums voted towards any of the objects referred to in Rule 3 shall be paid out of the invested capital of the Club unless the proposition so states and at least two-thirds of Members present and voting at a General Meeting so resolve. 23. The Committee may at its discretion apply in any one year such sum or sums not exceeding an amount equivalent to 2% of the market value of the Club’s investments at the preceding 31st December as published in the Club’s Annual Accounts in total to the objects referred to in Rule 3(b) and (c) as it shall think fit. Such expenditure shall be notified to the membership at each Annual General Meeting.

24. The general funds of the Club shall from time to time be invested as the Committee shall think fit.”

Schedule 2 Capital Grants made since 1995

1. Each year from 1995 to 2003: £500 To the OA Football Club 2. 2004 £1,100 To the OA Football Club 3. 2006 £10,000 For the start up of the Trevor Bailey Fund 4. 2007 £4,800 For the acquisition by the College of “The Magnificent Entertainment”, a work by Thomas Dekker (c1572 to 1632) relating Edward Alleyn’s welcome to James I upon his accession to the English crown 5. 2008 £3,878 For display cases for the College’s collection of VCs and GCs 6. 2008 £20,000 For the College Development Fund 7. 2009 £24,841 Representing all but £159 of David De Stefano’s legacy to the Club, which it transferred to the OA Endowment Fund 8. 2010 £159 Being the balance of the legacy, for the David De Stefano plaque 9. 2011 £846 For the acquisition of display boards for the mounting of art and other work in the South Cloisters on Founder’s Day 10. 2011 £2,663 For a Book of Remembrance for OAs who lost their lives in the two World Wars and more recent conflicts 11. 2013 £40,000 For the College’s Laboratory appeal 12. 2013 £2,063 For the acquisition of Shackleton Memorabilia (various papers written by Shackleton and now in the College archive) 13. 2013 £272 For the acquisition of Gilligan Memorabilia (various papers belonging to F.W. Gilligan and now in the archive) 14. 2013 £259 For the RAF Memorial (a plaque for OAs killed in the Battle of Britain) 15. 2014 £1,363 For the TJ Walsh bust 16. 2015 £30,000 To the Hollington Club, for improvement works to the Hollington Club’s premises 17. 2015 £2,000 For the CW Field portrait

Note: since 2004 grants to the OA Football Club have been made from revenue.


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