Alleyn Club Yearbook 2017


Chichester Lunch OAs and their guests came together at George Bell House in the shadow of Chichester Cathedral in March. An enjoyable time was had by all. We would like to take this opportunity to thank Jerrold Alexander (49-57) and his wife, Susie, for organising the Sussex Lunch for the past few years. Kent and Sussex Dinner The Royal Wells Hotel in Tunbridge Wells was the venue for the annual Kent & Sussex Dinner. The evening was hosted by William Lewis (54 -65), Alleyn Club Committee member. The Dinner saw the first reading of the amended Alan Warren grace which had been modified following the felling of Chestnuts Avenue. The humorous alteration was warmly received by OAs and guests alike, and the reference to black and blue ties was a very fitting replacement to chestnut trees. The new Warren Grace can be found on page 38. The President of the Alleyn Club, Peter Lyon (52-60), gave a wonderful speech, together with Simon Northcote-Green, representing the College, who offered the reply to the Loyal Toast and the toast to the Founder.

Founder’s Day celebrated the 400th anniversary of the death of William Shakespeare and the consecration of Christ’s Chapel of God’s Gift, which effectively marked the birth of the College. The Opening Ceremony featured brief performances from The Playhouse Apprentice , our Middle School production recently staged at the Sam Wanamaker Playhouse at The Globe. There was also blues music, a sonnet read by Kweku Adaah (96-03) and a parade by our youngest pupils from DUCKS. The afternoon offered all manner of entertainments and the launch of the second in our 400th anniversary book series, Infinite Riches: Dulwich College Poets 1950-Present Day written by former Head of English and Head of Upper School, Ian Brinton.

Founder’s Day lunch was attended by some 206 OAs and former staff.

Founder’s Day 2016: A Sonnet On Founder’s Day, the second of July, Memorials in S E 21, Commemorative stones for V.Cs won, ‘For valour’, with no thought that they might die. The service for their service wet the eye; Not from the glare of staring at the sun, But in reflecting on the deeds they’d done; Citations flipped duct switch from ‘dry’ to ‘cry’ Lieutenant Richard Basil Brandram Jones And Major Stewart Walter Loudoun-Shand. They died one hundred years ago this year In war’s equivalent of ‘torrid zones’. Examples to us all. They bravely and Courageously faced death … they showed no fear.

Founder’s Day 2016

Nizgal (Marlow 54-62) (July 2016)


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