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Y ear in R eview 2020

By Dailey Tipton, Evolution Energy Partners Energy Management and Efficiency in 2020


shifted a bit with the goal of getting back to work safely. Our clients were now looking for ways to operate while in the pandemic. We partnered with many industry member organizations, sharing our knowledge of the market and the opportunities that were created within the last few months. EEPwanted to make sure our customers were tak- ing full advantage of every cost saving measure avail- able. We developed solutions that allowed our customers to reduce operating expenses while still preserving capital resources during this difficult time. Savings in light of the current situation can fall di- rectly to the bottom line and can help make up for some of the lost revenue due to the pandemic. In addition, we de- fined healthy work environ - ment recommendations for our customers and their ten- ants and employees through engineering changes. Our “get back to work” program included webinar topics such as reviewing contracts to take advantage of historically low energy prices, the benefits of energy efficiency projects, creative financing options, and building operations and technology that can limit the transmission of pathogens in the air. As we approach 2021, the energy market may have more surprises. Recent forecasts show sharp increases of energy prices as we begin to operate closer to normal levels, but this is still an unknown. Al- though the pandemic caused a delay to many renewable projects, green energy looks to rebound in 2021 with cities across the country implement- ing legislation and financing programs to drive energy ef- ficiency and sustainability. In addition, the cost for green energy construction is continu- ing to show signs of decline, making it more affordable for industrial scale and private operations. 2020 has been a challeng- ing time for many organiza- tions, no matter the industry. We look forward to continu- ing to offer our customers energy solutions that derive value and increase the sus- tainable operations of their facilities. Dailey Tipton is vice president of Evolution Energy Partners. MAREJ

his has been a chal- lenging year for our customers and col-

defines best in class sustain - ability, energy efficiency, procurement, and analyti- cal solutions for over 600 individual customers and over 6,000 locations across North America. In our quest to provide these solutions, our customers enjoy positive impact on the bottom line by leveraging a suite of services that mitigate risk, enhance stakeholder value, and pro- vide a foundation to increase corporate citizenship and sustainable practices. In the spring of 2020, we had to define a newway of op -

erations to continue the focus and support we previously defined for our business due to COVID-19. With the lock- down impacting many of in- dustries we support, we saw an immediate need to shift our focus. Our customers were looking to define ways to save money, operate in lim- ited occupancy, and receive guidance on long term and short-term energy strategies. The EEP teamwent into high gear, providing vital infor- mation on ways to preserve capital, adjust operating ex- penses, and ensure buildings

and assets were managed for lower occupancy to withstand long periods of dormancy or limited use. This was a new role for our team, and we all worked hard to step up to the challenge. We created educational material such as blog posts, white papers, instructional documents and more, all with the focus of finding opportunities to oper - ate in the “new normal”. This mode of operation was short lived, and we noticed a need to expand our support and guidance. In the fall of 2020, our focus

leagues who are learning how to navi- gate and op- erate in the presence of a virus that has touched ma n y a s - pects of our

Dailey Tipton

professional and personal lives. As a full-service energy management, engineering, and consulting firm, Evolu - tion Energy Partners (EEP)

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