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The weather’s going to get colder pretty soon, and as an avid jogger, you’d think I’d be sad. But, while I may not be looking forward to those brisker and brisker morning runs, one part of fall always keeps my spirits up: football season. We’re lucky to have so many sports fans here at the clinic, among both staff and patients. So, many of you probably know I’m a Giants fan — in fact, if you’re an Eagles or Jets fan, chances are we’ve done some good-natured verbal sparring over the years. But what you may not know about me is I became a football fan relatively late in life. I didn’t pay much attention to the NFL or football in general until after I got married. My wife would sometimes put the game on while we were at home, and we really got into it. Then we got an amazing opportunity. One of our patients was a season ticket holder, but they and their spouse were getting up in age — shivering in the cold at MetLife Stadium was losing its appeal. So, they offered to sell me their tickets, and I jumped at the chance. I’d never really gone to live games before this, but now my family makes it to almost every home game. Of course, we only have two seats. My son may be an even bigger fan than I am, so he usually gets one of the spots. No matter what seating combination we try, we always have a good time. At some games, I just sat out in the parking lot while the kids enjoyed the game, and I’m perfectly happy doing that. Tailgating with my family and seeing their excitement is more than enough for me. Plus, I can always watch the game right by the car. Part of why I was such a late bloomer to the football fandom has to do with the sport itself. Back when I was a kid, it was very much a game of inches, with running plays being far more common than they are now. Today,

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so many positions on the team have to be versatile — especially the quarterback. Gone are the days of pocket passers. In today’s NFL, you have to throw, run, and sometimes even block to be effective. The broad spectrum of athletes the sport now attracts, including college baseball pitchers and former basketball players, shows the unique demands of this sport. Of course, as a physical therapist, I cringe when I see injuries happen. Strides have been made to make the game safer, with better padding and smarter tackling rules, but, when you have such a contact-heavy sport, you can’t protect yourself from everything. While we may not treat NFL players at our clinic, we do see a fair amount of football-related injuries this time of year. As the leaves begin to change color, Pee Wee football stars and weekend warriors alike start streaming into our office. A little later in this issue of the newsletter, we go into more detail on how you can keep this from happening, but, as the parent of two young athletes, I have one bit of advice I’d like to share now. If you and your child love playing a sport, then you should think about year-round conditioning. Your body adapts to how you train it, and suddenly returning to a physically taxing activity — after months of not using the muscles it requires — is a recipe for getting hurt. This can be tough for kids, especially when they want to shift between different sports and activities in the year. If they really want to dedicate themselves to something like football and stand a chance at remaining on the field, they need to train well before tryouts start. Do that, and they’ll be more than ready to kick off the season. –David DeLaFuente


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