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From Galveston to Greece to Idaho

As Beth and I get ready to celebrate 20 years of marriage, I think about the milestones that mark the different phases of our lives — college graduation, dental school, the Navy, and two deployments. Each milestone led us closer to our ultimate goal: to live near family, to have my own practice, and to live in an area where we feel our family thrives and enjoys life. Today, we are exactly where we want to be. And along the way, the Navy presented me with some incredible opportunities, culminating in a visit to Greece and a presidential handshake.

Beth and I on a date for the first time in 5 months at a nice little restaurant in Rhodes, Greece

were just a little happy to see each other.The location wasn’t bad, either — pristine beaches with beautiful, clear blue water, fantastic food, and a historical island. It all made for a magical place to catch up on five months away from Beth and embark on our next adventure together. As I watched my ship sail off without me, filled with many emotions, I knew that day marked a new chapter. It was the culmination of my service in the Navy, and the destination provided us with the honeymoon we dreamed of when we were newlyweds. Beth and I got married when she was 19 and I was 23. We didn’t have the money to go on a European honeymoon, so we drove to Southern Texas and enjoyed the beaches of Galveston instead. You can imagine what it was like to find ourselves strolling the cobblestone streets and beaches of Greece 10 years later. It was absolutely amazing. After we got back from Greece, we moved our family to Idaho, where we started a new chapter of our lives, and I could only imagine what the next chapter would hold. Who knew 10 years later we’d be returning to Greece for our 20th wedding anniversary? We are so excited to relive the magic this upcoming July.

Receiving my end of tour award from President Bush

During my second and final deployment, the end of our tour coincided with the end of my military service. Our ship was scheduled to arrive in Greece on the same day my service was up. To make the most of the opportunity, Beth and I arranged to meet on Rhodes, an island off the coast of Greece, where our ship would leave me and continue on its course. Before I got to see Beth, though, a surprise visitor gave a very memorable end-of-service send off. It just so happened that the day our ship stopped in Greece, so did George W. Bush’s yacht. George, Barbara, and Jeb Bush came aboard our ship for a tour. George W. Bush even shook my hand and gave me my end-of-tour award. It was an amazing end to my service. The next day, the ship dropped me off on Rhodes, and I reunited with Beth. We hadn’t seen each other for five months, and yes, we

–Dr. Elkins

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