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Cloud 9 Flame Retardant 8

• Cloud 9 combustion modified core • suitable for both contract and domestic applications • conforms to EU marine directives Recommended Areas of Use suitable for heavy contract use and contract, domestic and marine work where comfort underfoot is required. Suitable for stretch-fit Applications or doublestick applications In smaller areas


Manufactured in the UK to BS 5808:1991 & BS EN 14499:2015

Standard specifications top surface

Printed Corona Treated Polymer Film

bottom surface

Corona Treated Polymer Film

nominal thickness

8.00 mm

nominal roll weight

20.1 Kg


39 oz/yd 2

weight per unit area

1334 g/M 2

roll length

11.0 M

36.0 ft

roll width

1.37 M

54 in


Lifetime of the initial carpet installation (when used in recommended areas)


160 Kg/M 3


167 Kg/M 3

BS. 5808 : 1991 test results - british standard for carpet underlays end use classification bs.5808 HC/U work of compression after 1000 impacts bs.4098 >130 J/m 2 retention of work of compression bs.4098 >90 % loss in thickness after static loading bs.4939 <5.00 % loss in thickness after dynamic loading bs.4052 <5.00 % resistance to cracking bs.5808 (a) Pass

Ball & Young Ltd 53 Causeway Road NN17 4DU Corby England

VOC Emissions Test report 1. Sample Information

Fire Resistance tests Conforms to european marine Equipment Directive (med) 2014/90/EU Med Quality Approval Certificate - module B IMO - FlammaBility Test

Sample identification

Cloud 9 Cirrus

Product type


Batch no.

30-11-12 04.09

MSC 307 (88) Pt 5 Pass

Production date 30/11/2012 Date when sample was received 06/12/2012 Testing (start - end)

IMO - Marine Smoke & Toxicity Test

MSC 307 (88) Pt 2 Pass

21/12/2012 - 18/01/2013

Hot metal nut test


Pass - Low radius of effect

2. Resulting VOC Emissions Class Label This recommendation is based on French regulation of March 23, April 19, 2011 (arrêté DEVL1104875A). For details please see ww

FREnch Epiradiateur

nfp 92 -501

Pass Class M3

indoor air quality test Tested to ISO16000 French VOC Emission Class Label


The product was assigned a VOC emission class without taking in associated with the result. As specified in French Decree no. 2011 ment of the VOC emission class is the sole responsibility of the pa uct in the French market.

other relevant tests thermal resistance (tog rating)

BS 4745

1.7 Tog

Issue 6 02 -JUNE -14 impact sound improvement index (Test/Rated to BS EN ISO 140-8 / BS EN ISO 717-2)

38 dB

Issue 4 04-Sept -17

Disclaimer Whilst every effort is made to ensure its accuracy, the data on this sheet is meant for information purposes only. The typical properties listed are the result of extensive laboratory tests, but since Ball & Young has no control over the end use of each material, we cannot guarantee these results are obtained in practice. Users should conduct their own tests to determine the suitability of each material to its intended application.

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The resultsare only valid for the tested sample(s). This reportmayonlybe copiedor reprinted in itsentity, parts of itonlywith awrittenacceptanc

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