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How My Father Made Me an Old-Fashioned Dad

the pursuit of his just causes, my father personifies strong work ethic and integrity.

have too much reality TV doing nothing more than glorifying the things that cause many of society’s own problems. We have actors playing the roles of counselor on national TV with scripts that do nothing more than glorify dysfunction for humor. We don’t see shows like “The Waltons” anymore. Society doesn’t seem to make much time for old-school virtues. “MY DAD IS THE VIRTUOUS TYPE OF OLD-SCHOOL PARENT ALL CHILDREN SHOULD HAVE.” This is what it comes down to: Make all the sacrifices you can for your family, be there for them in their times of need, spend quality time together as often as you can, provide them with leadership, and most importantly, be a good example. One of the best things a parent can do is teach their children by example, not by instruction. The lessons I’ve learned from my parents’ example are woven into the fabric of my identity. Their qualities and virtues have made me a better father, husband, friend, lawyer, and just a better all-around person. Happy Father’s Day to my amazing father and to all the fathers in the world! Your leadership and contributions are everlasting, and we honor parents like you every day!

As a self-employed entrepreneur and real estate investor, my father often worked around the clock and weekends, too. But even while burning the candle at both ends, he always made time for his family. If my brother and I had sports games or school events, he’d always be there. Even now, my parents actively attend academic and extracurricular events and activities for their grandchildren. My dad is the virtuous type of old-school parent all children should have. It’s not that fathers nowadays don’t love their kids or do a good job. I just respect the way my dad and his generation instills virtues and responds “head on” to adversity without making excuses. The world doesn’t become an easier place when parents make excuses. I work with clients every day who have pain dealt to them in ways most of us can’t imagine. Often times, they contributed to their own pain and didn’t even know it. Sometimes they even made excuses why they did. They didn’t know yesterday’s thoughts and actions would cause tomorrow’s pain and problems. They didn’t understand the consequences, and even if they did, they didn’t think they would get caught. They didn’t realize their own pain would be shouldered by the ones who cared for them the most. So what does it take to be an old-fashioned dad? It’s simply spoken, but only the “crème de la crème” can carry out this old-school philosophy. It’s a way of life, a choice made early on. Nowadays we

I ’ve been blessed to grow up with such a wonderful family, both immediate and extended. I am very close to my mother and father, and they share a close relationship with me. I speak with them both at least twice every day — in the morning and evening, and usually a few times in between. It’s been this way ever since I can remember. It doesn’t take a family-law guru to convince anyone that not all parents are created equal, and that’s why I am truly blessed and thankful for mine. My parents have an amazing partnership. Both of my parents were always present for my brother and me, and they made their presence known every step of the way. It meant a lot to me then, and it means even more to me now. Dad is the captain of the ship! His crew is his family, both immediate and extended, as well as his friends. Each voyage is filled with good cause, no matter the destination. Whether it’s family, business, politics, or


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