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June 2020

Adventures in Working From Home

How We’ve Coped With Our Latest Workstations

into effect. It was a great way to use my commute to get some exercise, and I just love biking. I miss having that easy opportunity each day. Without it, my weekly mileage on my bike is way down, so that’s been a bit of a downside.

Like many of you, our firm has evolved to meet the challenges of the ongoing COVID-19 crisis. In late March, we chose to transition our firm to an entirely remote operation, which meant working from our homes. For some of us, it was a big change, though for others, it was less so. But for everyone it has truly been a unique learning opportunity. In uncertain times like these, solidarity among friends, family, and neighbors is important. So, without further ado, we wanted to share what our experiences have been like working from home. Ed Commuting eats up a lot of time I could otherwise devote to other things. One of the best aspects of working from home is I don’t have to commute 45 minutes to the office every day. That’s an extra hour and a half I can devote to my clients and to my wife, Faith. That said, I had been riding my bicycle to work at two or three times a week before the stay-at-home order went

time with my kids, husband, and family pets in the evenings.

However, not having a separate office space in my house has been a bit inconvenient—especially with a teenager needing home-school space and the family pets hanging around! I’ve had to transform my home desk to my office workspace in the middle of my dining area. Though our new work stations bring with them some positives and negatives, we’re happy we get to continue serving all our clients. We hope you’ve been weathering this storm as well as you can, and when you come out on the other side, you’ll come out on top. We’d love to see what your work-from-home lives look like. Connect with us on Facebook (AlexanderAbramsonPLLC) or Twitter (@OrlBizLaw) and show us!

Nick The adjustment hasn’t been too difficult for me because I already worked from home a couple of days a week. Also, having come from academia where I worked from my home office quite often made the transition even easier. The best part is that I get to hang out with my dog Cricket—seen here in his dog cave—who loves that I’m with him all day now. Kim I rode the SunRail from my home in Sanford to Downtown Orlando and back every day when I commuted to the office. That was around 1.5–2 hours dedicated to commuting every day. Not having to do that has been great, especially because I get to spend more

–Ed, Nick, and Kim


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