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PRIZE-GIVING 2020 Major Prize Winners

The Charles Upham Character Awards These awards celebrate character strengths in action in the classroom, around the school and in the community. Up to two awards are made in each year group. They are named after Old Boy Charles Upham, who was awarded the Victoria Cross & Bar during World War II. Charles Upham is recognised for his strengths of humility, courage, perseverance and leadership. To be eligible for this award, a student must have received a Character Award during the year (for students in Years 9–11), or a MANifesto Award (for students in Years 12 and 13).

John Wells Year 13 Character Award

and is kind and helpful. James sets high standards in all aspects of his school life and consistently upholds College virtues. Nont Prachuabmoh Year 12 Character Award Nont demonstrates great perseverance in his school life, along with honesty and teamwork. These are three of his top five character strengths. He is diligent in his studies and committed to a wide range of House and co-curricular activities. Matt Durant Year 13 Character Award Matt is very supportive of others and treats them with respect, in keeping with his character strength of empathy. He shows great integrity and commitment in all that he does. He is honest, helpful, hardworking and shows great perseverance. He is an excellent role model to younger students in his House and sporting life.

Finn McCormack-Young Year 9 Character Award

John shows perseverance as his top strength. He is a humble, quiet achiever who has shown leadership in athletics, along with great dedication to the highest standards in his athletics, rugby, and academic programmes.

Finn has taken to College life in his first year with great enthusiasm. He shows leadership and bravery in the way he throws himself into activities. Other strengths that he displays include self- regulation and perseverance.

Duke of Edinburgh’s Hillary Award

Barnaby Stanton Year 10 Character Award

The Duke of Edinburgh’s Hillary Award is a youth achievement programme open to 14–24-year- olds. It challenges its participants across a wide range of skills and tasks. The Gold Award is a very fine achievement and the culmination of years of dedication and commitment.

Barnaby is of strong character and upholds College virtues in all that he does. He stands up for others, showing kindness and compassion. He has shown character in action in his service to the school in various ways, including the Round Square junior committee.

James Griffin Year 11 Character Award James has shown a quiet

Gold Awards Ben Davis

Dominic Edmond Connor Graham

determination, perseverance and humility. He is loyal to his peers,

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