College – Issue 40

LEADERSHIP 2021 Head and Deputy Head Prefects

Jack Belcher Head Prefect

saxophone lessons, the Big Band and the Chapel Choir. “I think I have a pretty good underlying work ethic in the things that I do and I’m willing to work hard. At the same time, I’m always open to trying new things – taking up the sax in Year 9 was one of those things. I like talking to new people; getting to know people who may be a bit different to me. It’s good to give everything a go. “I like being busy and having something on after school to break up study. I do have to be pretty organised in planning what I’m doing – you really see the effects of it if you’re not.” Jack’s advice to younger boys starting at College is to try new things. “It’s certainly changed the person I’ve become. Having taken the chance to go and learn the saxophone and join the choir has opened me up to a whole new world of music. I appreciate it so much. I believe that you if you just keep trying new things, you’ll eventually find your passion. So many people go through school, do the subjects everyone does and then just end up not knowing where they want to go.” Jack is hoping to turn his love of sciences to good use and is aiming to study medicine at the University of Otago. “I love with the sciences how you can always go deeper and there’s

always more to find out. For example, we take our bodies for granted, but it’s really fascinating to find out how complex the systems are that make them work. “When we look at our future, and the issues we have today such as climate change, the cause is science related and the solution will stem from science as well. I just think it’s really interesting.”

Character and values are as important to Jack Belcher as the subjects he learns at school. “They’re lessons you’ll take into whatever field you go into; they’re lessons for life. For me, respect probably underpins them all because you need respect for yourself, for others, for the environment, for property. It touches on every level of what we do. And other values, such as compassion and empathy, come out of respect.” With that in mind, Jack wants to ensure that his tenure as Head Prefect is marked by being really friendly and interacting with everyone. “Jamie (Deputy Head Prefect) and I want to bring a really positive attitude. We don’t want there to be a distance between us and the rest of the school. We’re not standalone roles; we’re a team who lead an even bigger team of prefects. The more tight-knit we can be, the more we can achieve as a group.” Jack clearly doesn’t shy from the hard work of juggling his busy schedule. His academic studies embrace a demanding mix of Biology, Physics, Chemistry, English and DVC, while away from the classroom he’s occupied with representing the school in cricket and rugby. Then there are the

“ I believe that if you just keep trying new things, you'll

eventually find your passion. ” Jack Belcher

College Issue 40 2021


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