College – Issue 40

focused on the boys’ wellbeing and pathways to success,” Nicole says. While the Diploma will be introduced next year, boys now in Year 10 will benefit from the “ethos of the programme – with a few adjustments – in 2022”. The Centre for Teaching Excellence & Research has established a working relationship with the School of Curriculum and Pedagogy at the University of Auckland to review the Diploma and engage in possible future research around our curriculum development.

“ The Christ’s CollegeDiplomawill lead to greater opportunities for everyone and improve the boys’preparation for their final College years –and beyond .” Nicole Billante

“However the beauty of the design is that those boys who have clear passions, interests and academic goals can specialise and deepen their learning at several points along the Diploma journey.” The College Diploma will deliver core courses in the main subjects, along with NCEA Level 2 preparation courses. The range of exploration courses provides the opportunity to discover new avenues of learning and help formulate possible career plans. “The College Diploma appreciates the need for a tailored approach to learning amid an ever-changing environment while staying

Nicole says College staff have been poring over extensive research, and gradually building the comprehensive new progamme. “We all believe that the Christ’s College Diploma opens the door to greater ‘subject taster’ options to help find a path to the right career while lessening the intense load of ongoing internal and external assessment that can weigh on mental health,” she says. “It is also clear that any student having to make a subject choice too early can severely limit their future options. With the Christ’s College Diploma, they can make a more informed decision without all the pressure to ‘choose’ a subject.

College Issue 40 2021


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