College – Issue 40

GARTH WYNNE From our Executive Principal

The beginning of 2021 heralds a new phase for College. Recent months have revealed, by way of Old Boy testimony, parts of our history that should never have occurred. At the same time in the wider community, especially young women, have begun to call out behaviour that too should never happen and demand that things change. These are challenges for institutions such as our school that are responsible for positively influencing through our programmes and practice how men, our graduates, live their lives while at school and beyond. Our vision continues to be clear. We strive to educate boys to become men of virtue who make a positive contribution to society. We do this through living our College virtues in all that we do and ensuring these virtues of Honesty, Compassion, Justice, Respect, Learning, Spirituality and Stewardship are how we live and learn at Christ’s College. Our 2025 Strategy, included in this edition of College , addresses through title and intent the focus for College in the lead-up to our 175th year.

This direction has been informed by our near and distant past and the ever-changing needs of the community. Our strategic environment of Change and Continuity is required as we reflect on what we value and what remains relevant for College today. We continue to adapt to meet the needs of our students and staff as they learn together for the future. Our four themes of Motivation, Connection, Philanthropy and Sustainability allow this community to begin immediately, simply by being motivated, connected, philanthropic and sustainable in our thinking and behaviour. As the world begins to emerge from the challenges of Covid-19, we are all encouraged to look forward with renewed purpose and a sense of place. Christ’s College is doing just that. The celebration expressed through the contents of this wonderful magazine continues to reflect the boy we serve and a culture where we strive to allow each boy the opportunity to flourish from within, guided by some of the best programmes and teachers in New Zealand. Enjoy.

Garth Wynne Christ’s College Executive Principal

Christ’s College Magazine Issue 40, Summer 2021

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