College – Issue 40

HENRY BRISCOE 2021 Head of Boarding Boys come not just from all over the country, but from all over the world to experience the high standard of schooling College provides, bringing with them a wealth of different perspectives and ideas, and fundamentally shaping the school’s environment for the better. With three out of the 10 Houses at the school being boarding Houses, a significant proportion of the students are boarders; thus, for many Old Boys, the words “Christ’s College” and “boarding” are inextricably linked. When a boy starts boarding at College, he has a wealth of opportunities. Not only can he throw himself into all the activities available to dayboys, he also has the fantastic boarding programme. It provides a variety of both fun and challenging activities that develop teamwork skills, critical thinking and, more importantly, healthy relationships between boys and their peers. On top of this, boarders find it convenient to have many of College’s facilities for example, the Music School, workshop and library, within reach, once the school day is done. This places these boys in Since the early days of Christ’s College, boarding has been an integral part of the school.

Christ’s College Canterbury


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