College – Issue 40

“Each year is a revelation as Year 9 students discover in audition that they can not only sing, but that they really enjoy it. “You discover these amazing voices – some of them are exceptional – that the boys never knew they possessed. It’s a gift, a talent that might have never been explored

and they are able to open up for themselves a whole new dimension.

“That said, most of the boys in College music courses have had some lessons in the past and some have been in bands before, or they have come to College specifically for the band programme.” It’s an exciting atmosphere in which to work, and Robert’s aim is to reinvigorate things further by getting the parents involved, supporting the programmes and music in the College community. “They can see their boys are responsive, and music is a subject most parents want their sons to appreciate and enjoy. It’s a win- win. I want them to be actively involved.” Add in the Chapel Choir and Schola Cantorum and the sound of music is never far away at College.

“ You discover these amazing voices – and some of themare exceptional – that the boys never knew they possessed. ” Robert Aburn

College Issue 40 2021


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