College – Issue 40

JOHN-PAUL LAY Organised, capable, accomplished

Head of Academic John- Paul Lay says Christ’s College more than lived up to his expectations. John-Paul was named 2020 runner-up to the Wacher Prize for Academic Head of School (Proxime Accessit), in a year he capped off with 13 examinations, eight of them Scholarship subjects. “It’s really nice recognition of something I was aiming for,” he says of his award. “College has given me so many opportunities, and fantastic teachers, who challenged me. I’ll always be grateful to them. Plus, opportunities to do so many different things. I’ve done a lot of music, sport – I went to the USA on a football tour in 2018 – and debating, and I’ve loved it all. And I’ve met some great guys who will be friends for life.” A well-recognised figure on campus, John-Paul made the most of everything on offer – his debating was legendary, his 1st XI football footwork dazzling – but says come Term 4,“I do tend to knuckle down.” “I’m pretty self-motivated and it hasn’t been difficult for me to do that, and with family and teachers pushing you along, that makes it feel real and something I’ve really wanted to do.” His studying methods involve “all day sessions” in the lead-up to exams.

Christ’s College Canterbury


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