College – Issue 40

Melissa also believes that by staying on top of current research she can ensure teachers stay in touch with the most vital developments to benefit College boys. “We want to help teachers be the best classroom practitioners and ensure they are not missing out on anything that may spin their wheels,” she says. Melissa also continues to learn outside College. A University of Canterbury honours graduate in history and political science, and currently undertaking a postgraduate diploma in arts, Melissa won a fellowship to study with renowned literary critic, poet and Professor of English at Harvard University, Stephanie Burt. “It was probably the greatest learning experience,” she says, prompting plans for more poetry and a possible PhD. “The PhD would be in keeping with my latest post-graduate paper learning around the ‘science of emotion’ and the critical role of emotions and emotional intelligence in learning, decision-making and creativity.” However, Melissa still loves being in the classroom and “remains a great believer in walking the talk.” “It’s really important to not just be seen to be mentoring and coaching other people but to be modelling, trying, experimenting and failing and trying again,” she points out. “I have certainly learnt a lot about myself during my time at College, probably because I always keep challenging myself. It’s very much about staying fresh in the game and enjoying the game you are in.” From starting with just two English classes to College leadership and mentoring, it has been an incredible ride within the “most significant community in my life, outside of my wha¯ nau.”

Farewell to Deanne After five years in the role of International Student Manager, Deanne Gath left in early January 2021 to take up a similar position at St Margaret’s College. We thank Deanne for creating an excellent programme, both in building numbers towards our target of having 30 international students within our school community – there were seven when she started – and for accommodating the needs of our current students through the Covid-19 disruptions. Through her tireless work and her passion and care for the growing group of international students, Deanne made a significant impact on the boys, their families and College.

College Issue 40 2021


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