College – Issue 40

finally reached Lyttelton. His role was to wind up the affairs of the Canterbury Association in New Zealand, which proved to be a contentious task. When Henry Sewell arrived, plans for Christ’s College had been abandoned, but he resurrected the idea. Sites in Heathcote and Cathedral Square were initially considered before a decision was made to found the school on the site we now enjoy. The ongoing task was to make sure there were enough funds for College to proceed – and it needed to proceed promptly before an endowment lapsed. The result was the Church Property Ordinance of 1854 and the Christ’s College Ordinance of 1855, which founded Christ’s College. You can read more about Henry Sewell’s contribution in The Sewell Society , a book produced by Christ’s College as part of a gift box presented to every bequestor who is part of the society. Thank you to all our Sewell Society members for your gifts. If you would like more information about bequests and legacies, please contact Legacy & Relationship Manager Peter Davidson,

Frank Davison Bequest Christ’s College was the recent beneficiary of a generous bequest from Old Boy Frank Davison (peer year 1960, School House). While Frank attended College, he was the proud recipient of the Maling Prize, awarded for outstanding service. Frank’s family has instructed that his bequest continue to support this prize within the scholarship budget. Thank you to the late Frank and his family for thinking of College and leaving us such a generous legacy, which will benefit future generations of boys.

2020 recipient Angad Vraich receives the Maling Memorial Prize for Outstanding Service to the School

College Issue 40 2021


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