(Left) Gregory Campbell #11 of the Boston Bruins poses with his father (and former professional ice hockey defenceman) Colin Campbell after defeating the Vancouver Canucks in Game Seven of the 2011 NHL Stanley Cup Final at Rogers Arena on June 15, 2011. Gregory most recently played for the Columbus Blue Jackets. (Bottom Left) Gregory Campbell, se- lected 67th overall, poses for a portrait during the third round of the 2002 NHL Entry Draft. (Bottom Right) Colin Campbell wearing #6 of the Pittsburgh Penguins poses for a portrait in September, 1977. thanks to his family ties. Having a dad who doubled as the league’s chief disciplinarian for 8 years surely wasn’t a recipe for popular- ity. Then there were the no-holds- barred e-mails that came out—the ones where Colin was, well…Colie. “You get what you get,” Colin’s younger brother, Cam, told the To- ronto Star at the time of the contro- versy. Indeed, as anyone who’s ever met Colin knows, he’s a straight shooter who calls it like he sees it. Always has been; always will be. His style may not endear him to everyone, but here in Tillsonburg, he’s beloved—a favourite son, to be sure. “Colin Campbell has always been a guy you looked up to,” says Till- sonburg Mayor Stephen Molnar. “To have a father and son make it to the NHL is rare. To have that father and son hail from Tillsonburg is in- credible. To have them both play on Memorial Cup All Star teams and both win the Stanley Cup is even more amazing. They’ve made every- one in this community very proud. Colin Campbell is currently Executive Vice President and Direc- tor of Hockey Operations for the National Hockey League. Gregory is a development coach for the Colum- bus Blue Jackets.

NHL and Gregory knew he would have to work hard to get his chance. Like every other kid with an NHL dream, Gregory would need to log countless hours on both the bus and bench before anyone would take him seriously. In the 2002 NHL Entry Draft, Gregory got his chance. He was picked 67th overall by the Florida Panthers. He was on his way. Eight years later, Gregory was traded to the rough and tumble Boston Bruins and for the first time in his NHL career, he was headed

to the post-season. He scored a goal and three assists in 25 playoff games—including a well-timed one in Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Final. As thousands of disappointed Ca- nucks fans spilled onto the streets that night, one proud dad made his way onto the ice to celebrate with his son. Now there were two Stanley Cup winners in the Campbell fam- ily. Despite their success, it hasn’t always been easy for Tillsonburg’s most famous hockey family. Gregory has taken a lot of heat over the years


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