Q. Tillsonburg isn’t typically known as being an “arts” town. Do you think that you are an anomaly or are there other serious art collec- tors in the area? A. The Canadian art world is not a large place and I have run into other Tillsonburg collectors over the years. One Tillsonburg gentleman collected Group of Seven paintings. Another Tillsonburg woman col- lects paintings by Arthur Shilling. Tillsonburg tends to be very much a sports-oriented town, but there are art lovers out there as well. Q. People don’t tend to think of medical doctors as art collectors. Is there a sense in which art has helped balance out the stresses or clinical nature of your profession? A. To be honest, it was the other way around. My profession helped me to form my collection. I was very lucky that my profession gave me a bit of financial freedom to purchase art. Unfortunately, it is the super- rich who define great art and they set the prices for the rest of us.

Q. You could have exhibited this collection in many other places. Why choose Tillsonburg and Annandale National Historic Site? A. My father was very involved in making this community great. He devoted a lot of time and money to his community and I wanted to give something back just like he did. People who live in Toronto, or Mon- treal or other city centres, have art at their fingertips all the time. I think Tillsonburg citizens should get the same opportunity to see a show like this one. Besides, I can’t think of a better way to generate some money for a site like Annandale House.

used to wait until the gallery closed so that he could sit in the middle of the gallery and just stare at the art. I can’t say why he did that, but I do understand the inclination. I guess there is also a bit of a selfish reason- ing behind it. I like to say, “Look what I just got!” Q. You have dedicated the show to your parents, Donald and Marion. Why? Did you grow up appreciat- ing art? A. My late father was not an artistic person at all. But he was incredible supportive of any dreams or wants that we children had. If there was something that we really wanted, he would find a way to get it for us. My mother (Marion) is incredibly artis- tic. She was an amateur painter and I would sit and watch in awe. Q. Have you ever been interested in painting or trying your hand at art? A. Yes, I used to. In my 20’s, I was very interested in the human form. But I stopped doing that…I just wasn’t very good at it.

Plein Air to Abstraction The Hevenor Collection of Canadian Art May 26 - July 16, 2017 The Pratt Gallery Annandale National Historic Site www.tillsonburg.ca/annandale

(Top) St. Joseph de la Rive by Louis Tremblay, IAF.

(Left) Mandolin 1983 by Jean-Paul Jerome, RCA, AAFNFM, Plasticien.


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