The Experience Fall 2020 Edition

DEB NIGHTINGALE When God Asks, Do You Trust Me?

At the end of July, my husband, Dave, and I contracted COVID-19. Neither one of us had any serious health issues, and we never imagined either of us would die from the Coronavirus. In fact, we often said to each other jokingly, “no dying, ok?” Four weeks later, our seven children and I said goodbye to Dave from the parking lot of the hospital. Two days before the Lord took Dave home, God all but audibly spoke to the core of my soul and asked me, “Do you trust Me?” The last time the Lord spoke that to me was 20 years earlier when my unsaved father died. I knew what He was asking of me. I knew Dave would not survive COVID. Did I trust Him to take Dave home, to leave me behind? To be my all… truly my all in all ?

“Do you trust Me?” The Lord’s ways are higher than my ways, and His thoughts are deeper than my thoughts. He has come alongside me in this journey in ways I’ve never experienced nor knew I could. Over the past few months, several people have shared stories of friends and family members who have been much older, had many pre-existing health issues and survived COVID-19. For a brief second, my mind goes to ‘Why Dave?’ And God again whispers in my soul, “Do you trust Me?”


The words below are what I shared on August 22 at my beloved Dave’s Celebration of Life Service:

I would never have imagined the journey the Lord brought me through this last month. And as I have reflected, these are the things I believe Dave would want me to share with you. • God means for you to be exactly where you are. (This did not take God by surprise.) • God is sovereign. • God doesn’t make mistakes. • God is good. When Dave started his ministry to the nations, my husband was changed by God. His love for God deepened and his love for people grew. As many of you know, I believe in prayer. I have never known more saints to pray so fervently for a miracle. If Dave was to be spared, surely God would have done so. But His plan is far greater.

Deb’s passion is reaching people of all ages and helping them learn who they are in Christ. For the past eight years, she has served at Word of Life and is currently the Director of Advancement. Her prior experience includes working as Director of Human Resources and Development for Wings of Hope Hospice, while faithfully serving alongside her husband, Dave, as a pastor’s wife. DEB NIGHTINGALE


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