The Experience Fall 2020 Edition

CONSTRUCTION AT THE COAST We rejoice that God has provided the necessary funds for the following projects on the camp property: The Activity Center • A competition lap pool which will allow us to reach local high school students and invite others from out of state to participate in training and in competitions. During the summer, the starting platforms will be removed and acrylic climbing walls will be added in the deep end to provide more activities for campers. • A smaller activity pool (four feet deep), which will have a volleyball net and basketball hoops for campers to enjoy. • A concession stand, which will be located next to the pool along with outdoor seating. • A separate building to house restrooms and a locker room for pool staff.

We’d like to share just one of the hundreds of stories we had the privilege to be a part of. We received this testimony from the youth leader of Jane Smith*, who joined us at The Coast this summer: Let me tell you about Jane. Her parents are divorced; her mom wants nothing to do with church, and her dad is a recovering drug addict. Six months ago (before she attended camp), Jane flat out said she didn’t want to attend. She was totally uninterested. Because of the pandemic, however, she was a last-minute addition to camp – and it changed her life forever. Jane met Christ – this year, in the middle of the pandemic, at The Coast. After Jane got home, she was a new person. She even joined us for a church missions trip! We were especially amazed that she got her mom’s permission to do so – it’s a testament to God’s faithfulness to His children as they seek to serve Him. Jane also said she’s been playing the music from camp ever since coming home. Jane has been opening up and asking very deep and very real questions because she wants to grow closer to the Lord. What a difference from just six months ago. It’s not set in stone yet, but we’re praying she gets baptized at the baptismal service next week.

Jane was just one life changed for eternity. *Name changed for confidentiality

Cabins • Three additional cabins, which will complete the original goal of 24.

Thank you so much for your prayers. God has done and is still doing an amazing work here at The Coast. Praise God for this summer and the lives who were “Reached and Changed for Eternity.” Would you join us in praying for the campers from this summer, as they seek to reach those around them?

Kyle Gray

Camp Director The Coast Pursuit Camp


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