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“Relief Starts as Soon as You Start Physical Therapy!” DON’T IGNORE YOUR BACKPAIN

StaffSpotlight Kathryn completed her Bachelor’s of Arts in dance with option in dance science at California State University, Long Beach. After experiencing numerous injuries over her years as a dancer, she decided to switch careers to physical therapy in order to help others return to the activities they love. She started at Intecore in 2013 working as an aide, received her Physical Therapist Assistant degree with honors from Stanbridge University in 2017, and rejoined the Intecore family as a therapist assistant. Kathryn is still involved in dance, working part time at the American Ballet Theatre Gilespi School in Costa Mesa. In her free time, she enjoys riding horses, going on day trips throughout Southern California with friends, and cheering on the Patriots. Kathryn Totheroh, PTA Physical Therapy Assistant

JANUARY 2018 The Intecore Bulletin The Newsletter About Your Health And Caring For Your Body Don't Procrastinate On That Nagging Pain! 6BackConditions YouShouldn't Ignore

Do you feel aches and pains in your lower back? If so, you are not alone. Four out of every five Americans will suffer from back pain at some time in their lives. Without proper spine mobility, stability and alignment your back structures wear down over time, similar to tires that are out of alignment.There are many different back conditions, but here are a few common ones: 1. Lumbar or sacral radiculopathy: The result of pressure on a nerve exiting the spine. Pain, numbness and tingling can be felt down in different parts of the leg. 2. Sciatica: This comes from compression of the sciatic nerve by a muscle called the piriformis, deep in the buttock. Symptoms can radiate down the buttock and leg. 3. Spinal stenosis: This isanarrowingof thebonyspinal canal which causes rubbing or pressure on nerves. Central canal stenosis is quite serious as it presses upon the spinal cord. 4. Lumbar sprain/strain: This is a common cause of low back pain due to injury of muscles and tendons. The rows of muscles that run up and down the sides of the spinal column, are the major muscle groups usually involved in lower back injury. 5. Fractures: These are due to trauma, or sometimes occur without any injury in people with osteoporosis. 6. Spinal cord compression: This is unusual, but very worrisome and may be associated with weakness and loss of bowel/bladder control.

INSIDE: • Will Your Back HurtWhenYou Get Older? • Patient Success Spotlight

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Medication and Bed Rest Most lower back pain sufferers try over the counter drugs and bed rest. However, most self remedies will not provide the relief that you need. In fact, bed rest is the wrong thing to do, because it can weaken the spinal muscles further. Weakness in the spinal muscles is one of the main reasons for low back pain and puts you at risk for injuring your back with common activities such as lifting, bending or squatting. Most of us sit too much and this contributes to severe weakening of the back and torso muscles which are needed for a healthy back.

“Year’s end is neither an end nor a beginning but a going on, with all the wisdom that

experience can instill in us.” - Hal Borland

SeekTheBest Treatment For BackPain PreventALifetimeOfPainBySeekingPhysical Therapy “Will Your Back Hurt As You Get Older?”

If you think that growing older automatically leads to back pain, here’s some great news; it doesn’t! Many people suffer from pain, yet, they still believe their aches and pains are a natural part of aging. They’re not. Back pain is primarily caused by four main factors: • Spinal muscle weakness • Poor muscle or joint movement • Poor posture • Lack of spinal or pelvic muscle coordination Treating the Cause of Your Back Pain The goal of our SPINE program is to find the root cause of your pain and correct it, not just treat the symptoms. By treating the root cause of the pain, you can achieve faster, long-lasting results. We provide the most advanced and effective treatments to each of our patients in a caring, friendly environment. Our highly trained and skilled physical therapists use proven hands-on therapy techniques to help people of all ages become free of pain and get back to the activities they enjoy. If your back pain prevents you from standing for long periods, bending down to pick up objects, or getting up and down from the floor to play with your children or grandchildren it’s time to come to Intecore Physical Therapy and restore your quality of life. Knowing the Right Expert to Help You Physical Therapists are medical musculoskeletal specialists, meaning we are the experts when it comes to the movement of the body and how the muscles, joints and skeletal structure work with one another. Green Juices And Smoothies For years we have seen a surge in the number of people who drink healthy green juices. However, we think that green juices and smoothies will be an even big hit in 2018, easily becoming one of the trendiest ways to stay healthy. These juices and smoothies are made from fresh fruits and vegetables, which makes them very nutritious. Here are some good smoothie recipes we recommend you try. Mix a number of different fruits and vegetables to your own liking: • Tropical green smoothie made from bananas, papaya, and pineapple • Apple, spinach and carrot juice • The avocado-pear smoothie • Basil-avocado smoothie • Cranberry pineapple smoothie We hope this tip will inspire you to stay healthy in 2018!

Effective physical therapy experts recognize that the best treatments are not modalities that depend solely on ultrasound, cold or heat therapy, but rather a skilled hands-on approach to examination and treatment. Studies have proven that manual therapy and specific exercises produce better and faster results than traditional exercise based therapy. If you are suffering with back pain or know someone who is, call us today to discover how we can finally help you become pain free and get back to the activities you enjoy. After all, you’re as young as you feel!

Stay Healthy in 2018 With Smoothies!

If you, or a loved one, has back pain or sciatica, join us in a free informative workshop on common causes, treatments, and prevention of your back pain or sciatica. ‘Back Pain & Sciatica Workshop’ FREE BACK PAINWORKSHOP Sinceall themoneyyouspent toward thatdeductible in2017willbeswept clean, we strongly suggest paying something toward your deductible at eachvisitsoonceyourclaimsprocess(usually2-4weeks),youdon’thave a large, intimidating balance due. At the very minimum, we recommend paying at least your co-payment at each visit. Plan ahead, stay informed and most importantly, ask questions. Ask our staff if you have any questions about your insurance benefits in the new year. We will help you understand them and figure out the best way to get the care you need. As we welcome a new year in wellness, we welcome new insurance benefits. Finances play a big part in mapping out your year and medical expenses are certainly a consideration. If you are like most patients, you have a deductible plan which reset on January 1st. Even after your deductible is met, your insurance still delegates a portion of the cost of your care to you, usually in the form of a co-payment. We'reHere toHelpWith Your InsuranceBenefits

Patient Success Spotlight “My range of motion improved by 90%!”

“I was riding my bike and fell. I landed on my left arm I could not raise it. After one visit I could raise my arm and use it again. My range of motion improved by 90%! Thank you” - Richard B.

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Try this movement if you are experiencing back pain.

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Stretches Lower Back

STRAIGHT LEG RAISE - SLR While lying or sitting, raise up your leg with a straight knee. Keep the opposite knee bent with the foot planted to the ground. Repeat 6 times on both sides.

Andrew Vertson, PT, DPT, ATC Physical Therapist

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