Medlin Law Firm - October 2019


Keep Kids Safe This Halloween

As Gary mentions on this month’s cover, Halloween can be a dangerous night for kids. Drivers need to be extra cautious when trick-or-treaters take to the streets, especially after it gets dark. Here are some ways you can help everyone stay safe while getting their fill of candy. Avoid Driving Naturally, the best way to cut down on accidents is to avoid getting behind the wheel in the first place. If you need to go somewhere, consider using a ride-share service like Lyft. In fact, if trick-or-treaters have already started coming out in your neighborhood, consider walking to a less-busy block to meet your ride. Of course, this isn’t always an option, but anything you can do to limit the number of cars coming in and out of your neighborhood will help keep kids safe. Be Overly Cautious If you do need to drive, do so defensively. Even while it’s light out, kids may not notice your car — especially if they’re wearing masks, veils, or other costume pieces that limit their vision. Being hyped up on candy and excitement only adds to the

danger, as children may completely forget to look both ways as they cross the street. Always assume pedestrians will not see your vehicle, and drive slowly enough to respond accordingly. Turn your lights on a little earlier than you normally would, too, because those dark costumes become harder to see at dusk. Be Smart In general, you should never drink and drive, but this advice bears repeating on Halloween. If you plan on attending a party with alcohol, make plans for transportation home that don’t involve you operating a vehicle. A DWI is a serious offense on its own, and you don’t want to endanger a child’s life in the process.

How to Assemble a Veggie Skeleton

Brain Buster

Those who eat paleo may struggle to find a Halloween treat suitable to their diet. But no matter what your dietary restrictions are, everyone can enjoy some raw veggies with a healthy dip. Here are some tips for constructing your very own veggie skeleton — a spooky twist on a time-tested treat. For the Head Your favorite paleo-friendly dip makes a great canvas for a face. Pour it into a bowl and build features on top using different veggies. For the Ribcage Sliced cucumbers make for great vertebrae, and bell pepper slivers can be used to simulate ribs. Alternate between the two to give your skeleton some backbone. For the Arms and Legs Any long and straight vegetable will do the trick here. If you want to be anatomically accurate, consider using some spherical vegetables for joints. Don’t be afraid to get creative and wacky with your veggie skeleton. The whole point, after all, is to have some fun and give people a reason to smile.

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