Amwerk.Journal 01/18


A f e w p e r s o n a l c o m m e n t s i n a d v a n c e

Just like every year, 2018 will once again begin with a new Amwerk.Journal. Of course, time wouldn’t stop without our annual information medium. But I haven’t given up the hope that some of our customers and partners are once more looking forward to the latest edition. Maybe you are one of them. In any case, we have done our best to make our journal as entertaining as possible. For example, by a choice of topics that on the face of it have little to do with Amwerk.

W h a t ’ s U s a i n B o l t d o i n g h e r e ?

The sprinting ace Usain Bolt from Jamaica does in fact play a certain role in this edition thanks to our customer Daimler-Benz. And this even though he has ended his career in the meantime. Find out why he was nevertheless chosen as a topic for this journal on page 5. Another topic in this edition is Finland. The country has just celebrated the 100 th anniversary of its freedom from its big neighbour Russia. We have taken this opportunity to turn the spotlight on the particular character of the Finns, taking our representative Juha Zitting as an example. A further report is dedicated to bees, or rather the amazing measures that the international PORR construction group are taking to protect them. Speaking of amazing:

W h y i s o u r B a u m e s h e n v i r o n m e n t a l l y f r i e n d l y ?

Allow me to take this opportunity for a bit of advertising for our Baumesh. After all, PORR recently gave us a treat by calling our professional advertising banner system for construction sites one of the best on the market. The banner’s colours do not fade and it lasts longer, making it – entirely in line with PORR’s thinking – a sustainable and environmentally friendly solution for hoardings.

As always, I wish you an enjoyable read.

Wolfgang Aigner CEO of Amwerk

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