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We touch on personal care many times in our writing because it is such a high priority for us. It is so hard to put this into words sometimes. We really do treat you like we would like to be treated at ANY place of business. Really our patients

therapy that benefited me but I also was instructed how to do specific exercises to help improve the problem. The treatment I received was excellent and very professional. I was very satisfied with the results!” - Judy F. “The combination of the ultrasound and traction for my back pain was the best treatment plan. I explained my pain and they listened to what I had to say and treated accordingly. ARI is very thorough and always understood the reasons I was hurting and always made their reasons for treatment clear. I highly recommend ARI!” - Julie T. “I went to ARI after rotator cuff surgery! Wow, recovery was really fast! I did the exercises they gave me diligently! They definitely know their stuff. I would recommend them to anyone!” - Anne W.


say it best for us:

“I would recommend Advantage Rehab to anyone who is looking for physical therapy. I was having an issue with low back pain and leg muscles. The therapy and personal attention was great! They took the time to listen and were able to pinpoint the specific area for treatment. I felt relief after my first appointment. I not only received the physical

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