King's Business - 1957-10

“ Ours is a good-sized Sunday School—but our name was ‘confusion’ !” says Mr. Alexander B. Holt, Internal Revenue Agent, Oregon District, and a busy Sunday School Superintendent. . . “ almost every class was studying a different lesson. Some departments were using three different topics and so could have no worship service on one main theme. Other departments were omitting entirely large portions of the Word of God. Our teachers began to feel they had no unified teaching goal—and as their superintendent, I knew they were right. Something had to be done! “I’d often read the Scripture Press ads, so I decided to give S. P. a try at our problems. “Not only did Scripture Press All-Bible Lessons answer our problem by unifying our school—but it stimulated new interest in every department! And since all classes within each department study the same Bible lesson, finding substitute teachers has been much easier for us. Best of all, now our curriculum includes all the Bible! “It’s true in Sunday School teaching as well as in business—aworkman is only as good as his tools, and I’ve found Scripture Press All-Bible

Graded Sunday School Lessons the most effective teaching tools we’ve ever used!”

. . . Scripture Press lessons are

graded by departments. . .

adapted to the interests and understanding of pupils as they grow.

MR. ALEXANDER B. HOLT Sunday School Supt. Staub Memorial Congregational Church Portland, Ore.




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SCRIPTURE PRESS 1825 College Avenue free

Dept. KBA-107

Wheaton, Illinois


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