Language shouldn’t trump skills: McGillis

Line up for free flu shots from EOHU Fall is here and winter is not far away. Now is the time to plan for that flu shot. The man’s name was not disclosed but Dr. King stated that he is under treatment in hospital. ers and others who either live with or are in regular contact with anyone from the one of the higher-risk groups.

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The Eastern Ontario Health Unit (EOHU) launches its annual free flu clinics in mid- October. Flyers go out in the mail soon list- ing where and when clinics will be. The de- tails are also available online at www.eohu. ca. “The best protection against the flu is to get the seasonal flu shot,” stated Dr. Paul Roumeliotis, EOHU chief medical officer, in a press release. “It’s free, safe, and available for everyone aged six months and older.” The annual flu shot is a combined vaccine designed to deal with several varieties of influenza, including the new H1N1 variant. Ontario’s chief medical health officer, Dr. Ar- lene King, has confirmed in a news release of one H1N1 case in southwestern Ontario.

“If you think it stops just with language, I have news for you, that’s where it begins.” South Stormont council has been at the centre of the area’s language controversy ever since it voted to withhold funding to Cornwall Community Hospital’s revitaliza- tion campaign over the hospital’s bilingual- ism-focused hiring policy. If bilingualism is required, it should be based on the percentage of francophones in the community, McGillis said after the meeting. “They should be hiring based on that. It should not be language over qualifications. It’s scary when you think, this is for medical care.”

Proper hygiene habits, including regular hand-washing using soap or an alcohol- based hand cleanser, are urged as the best prevention against flu infection. Peo- ple should also remember to cover their mouths and noses when they cough or sneeze. Flu shots are recommended for certain groups of people classed as a higher risk to both catch and suffer from infection. They include: children age six months to five years, seniors aged 65 or older, people with chronic medical conditions or whose immune systems are weakened for other reasons, and people who are obese. Flu shots are also recommended for caregiv-

The first EOHU flu clinic is in Casselman, Oct. 16, 2 to 8 p.m., at the J.R. Brisson Com- plex. Next is Cornwall, Oct. 17, 2 to 8 p.m., at the Cornwall Civic Complex. The Oct. 18 clinic is in Rockland at the Knights of Columbus Hall on Giroux Street with another one that day in Cornwall at the Seaway Valley Community Health Cen- tre on Pitt Street. Other clinics are sched- uled through October and November in all major communities throughout Eastern Ontario. Anyone attending a flu clinic should bring at least one piece of photo I.D. with them. More information on the clinics is available by phone, toll-free, to 1-800-267-7120.

World teachers day Journée mondiale des enseignant(es)

Le 5 octobre 2012

October 5, 2012

Give a little love to your teacher

Send an e-card: These days most parents are in contact with their children’s teachers by e-mail. This time, send them a message that will brighten their day. The website has a few e-card selections just for this purpose. If you are tech-savvy, Tweet a nice thought about him or her! This is especially fun to do in collaboration with a teenager. Make a card: With the help of your child, decorate a card and include a thoughtful message from both of you. Send in a special treat: Unless your child’s school has any policies against food gifts, this is a great opportu- nity to bake Teacher a special batch of muffins or send in a basket of fresh fruit. It can be a gift to take home or to share with the class.

If you are a parent, you might often hear grumbles from your children about too much homework, not enough free time, or too many red Xs on a corrected assignment. World Teachers’ Day is a time to get them thinking instead about what monumental efforts their teachers make every day. If you ask your child to make a list of what they appreciate about their teacher, it may just change their view. On World Teachers’ Day, take the opportunity to thank your child’s teacher personally for their com- mitment, creativity, and patience with your child. Teaching can seem like a thankless job sometimes, as both parents and children alike usually only offer a teacher feedback when things are not going well. Here a few thoughtful gestures that can remind teachers that their efforts don’t go unnoticed:

Child + Family Treatment Centre SECTION 23 Tracey Lalonde, Lauren Gray, Jennifer Godwin-Stewart and JoAnn Demers.

Sylvie,Carole, Marc, Nancy, Chantal D., Chantal L., Julie, Dominique, Annie, Johanne, Marie, Michelle,Tanya, Chantal B.,Vincent, Dorice, Natalie, Pierre, Danielle, Annabelle, Vicki, Karyn. Merci à tous les enseignants(es)


Je tiens à exprimer, en cette J ournée mondiale des enseignantes et enseignants , en mon nom et en celui de toute la communauté scolaire de Rose des Vents , notre profonde reconnaissance pour le travail que vous accomplissez quotidiennement. Merci! Marc R. Hurtubise Directeur de l’école Rose des Vents 613-932-4183

Internal Draw for a Blossom fruit arrangement courtesy of WINNER UPPER CANADA CHILD AND FAMILY TREATMENT CENTRE

Rose MacCulloch, Karen Ault, Ronnie Leroux, Stacy Schwendemann, Shauna Wanamaker, Laura Mahon, Brenda Barton, Erika Parsons.

Un tirage à l’interne pour un bouquet de fruits gracieuseté de WINNER UPPER CANADA CHILD AND FAMILY TREATMENT CENTRE

613.742.8960 CEPEO.ON.CA

Valorisation de la profession enseignante

École Élémentaire Catholique SAINTE-LUCIE

afin que des aides financières suffisantes soient accor- dées pour soutenir les personnels de l’enseignement et qu’ainsi l’accès à l’éducation devienne une réalité tangible pour les générations actuelles de jeunes et les générations futures dans tous les pays. L’UNESCO est une agence spécialisée de l’ONU. Son objectif est ambitieux: Construire la paix dans l’esprit des êtres humains à travers l’éducation. Agissons pour les enseignantes et les enseignants! Tel est le thème retenu pour la Journée mondiale des enseignantes et des enseignants 2012. « Les enseignants [.] définissent [.] notre capacité col- lective à innover, à inventer, à trouver des solutions pour l’avenir. Rien ne remplacera jamais un bon ensei- gnant. Rien n’est plus important que de les soutenir. » (Irina Bokova, directrice générale de l’UNESCO)

La valorisation de la profession enseignante est un dossier qui a pour objet de souligner le travail quoti- dien du personnel enseignant. La Direction de la formation et de la titularisation du personnel scolaire a pour mandat d’entreprendre des actions pour valoriser la profession enseignante. 5 octobre : Journée mondiale des enseignantes et des enseignants La Journée mondiale des enseignants, qui a lieu chaque année le 5 octobre depuis 1994, date de sa création par l’Organisation des Nations Unies pour l’éducation, la science et la culture (UNESCO), célèbre les ensei- gnantes et les enseignants partout dans le monde, de tous les ordres d’enseignement ainsi que celles et ceux qui se consacrent à la recherche en éducation. Son but est de mobiliser les gouvernements et les populations

Jour de l‘enseignant

Lyne Besner-Billard Mario Bisson Lise Coté Jocelyne Delorme Lucie Harkness Vicky Labonté-Leduc Geneviève Labonté

Christine Levesque Brigitte Maloney Micheline Martel Sylvain Marion Sylvie Rochon Normand Vachon Judith Vass-Ariagno Rachel Willard


Thank you to our teachers.

101 Second StreetWest, Cornwall, Ontario K6J 1G4 613 932-7161

Béatrice Lajoie Suzanne Levac

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