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DeSoto City Lights January, 2019 A Publication of the City of DeSoto Community Relations Department CHIEF OF ALL CHIEFS! DeSoto Fire Rescue Chief Jerry Dufϔield named 2019 President of Dallas County Fire Chief ’s Association The Dallas County Fire Chief’s AssociaƟon will ring in the New Year with a new President,  and the respected associaƟon member that they will turn to to guide their organizaƟon in  2019 is none other than DeSoto Fire Rescue Chief Jerry Duffield.   Chief Duffield, the associaƟon’s Vice‐President in 2018, was also selected as one of the  associaƟon’s 2018 finalists for their annual Texas Fire Chief of the Year Award.  In addiƟon  to being the Fire Chief of DeSoto, Chief Jerry is our city’s Emergency Management  Coordinator and the Director of the DeSoto Fire Training Center which trains fire cadets  from all over the DFW area including those from other regional fire departments.  By MaƩ Smith, CommunicaƟons Manager, City of DeSoto

“The Dallas County Fire Chief’s AssociaƟon is most fortunate to have DeSoto’s Fire Rescue  Chief Jerry Duffield as their President for 2019,” said DeSoto Mayor CurƟstene McCowan. “No one knows firefighƟng  and all of the criƟcal support services Ɵed to it any beƩer than our Chief Jerry. He will be a tremendous asset to them  just as he is to us here in DeSoto.”  

AddiƟonally, Chief Jerry Duffield serves as President of the Ellis Dallas  Unified CooperaƟve Team (EDUCT) which combines the efforts of ten  Metroplex fire rescue agencies to successfully address serious incidents by  use of specialized equipment, tacƟcs, and personnel.  Chief Jerry holds extensive experƟse in many key areas related to  firefighƟng.  He is cerƟfied as a Master Firefighter, a Master Fire Instructor,  a Licensed Paramedic, and he also holds a  Master of Science degree in Fire  Service Leadership.  Chief Jerry is a proud graduate of the Texas Fire  Chief’s Academy and was also accepted by the Bush School of Government  and Public Service at Texas A&M for their graduate program but had to  request deferral unƟl two of his children have completed their  undergraduate studies.    The Dallas County Fire Chief's AssociaƟon idenƟfies their main purpose as  working to enhance the protecƟon of life and property threatened by fire,  natural and man‐made disaster, and other emergencies by promoƟng  cooperaƟon and coordinaƟon of fire, emergency medical, and other  specialized emergency response capabiliƟes throughout Dallas County. 

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