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What are tissue salts?

A correct balance of natural cell salts found in the body is vital for health. Discover how these gentle remedies can maintain and restore that balance. Dr William Schuessler, a German medical doctor and homeopathic physician, developed tissue salts in the 1870s. He believed that an imbalance or lack of natural cell salts in the body could cause various illnesses and that replacing these different salts in small, easily absorbed doses would restore balance and allow the body to heal itself. He named 12 tissue salts as being vital for health, and described what each of them did in the body (see box “Tissue salts and their uses”). Essential minerals Since then, tissue salts have been used around the world to help stimulate the body’s natural healing processes, provide the cells with the minerals they need and also ensure that the minerals the body ingests from food are also evenly distributed and taken up by the cells, and alleviate many everyday aches and pains. With our modern world’s reliance on

processed foods, which are often grown in mineral-deficient soil, the relevance of tissue salts has increased. The beauty of tissue salts is that they are so gentle; they can be safely used by pregnant women, babies and the elderly, and they can be taken in conjunction with other medications. The salts are prepared in highly diluted micro-doses which are placed under the tongue and rapidly absorbed, giving effective relief.

reach the right cellular destination. Tissue salts mimic the way our food is chewed and nutrients are delivered to the body’s organs; they impact every cell in the body from the moment they land in the mouth. They do not build up in the system and, because they are in such diluted strength, they are the only nutrients other than food which can enter the cells without having to be broken down. For example, a person may try magnesium tablets for cramps and find the tablets don’t work; the formula might be effective, but the body may not be able to absorb magnesium in that particular form, especially if it is in an acidic state. The tissue salt Mag Phos (Magnesium phosphate), on the other hand, sets up a ‘bridge’ for this micro-dosed mineral to be absorbed effectively, so that the muscles and nerves are given the food they need at a cellular level. We rarely consider the cells in our body, yet they are where health begins. It’s easy to keep our cells happy when we tune in to their messages: our cells let us know we’re hungry, bloated, tired, and more. And the best support for your cells is to add tissue salts to your daily health regime, so that you can enlist the help of that train driver or GPS system to take the nutrition from your food and direct it to where it is needed to restore inner balance.

With our modern world’s reliance on processed foods, which are often grown in mineral-deficient soil, the relevance of tissue salts has increased

All about absorption This is a key point to remember. I describe tissue salts as being like a train driver or GPS system in your body, ensuring that the right mineral is absorbed at the right place, and at the right time. Tissue salts not only provide the mineral, they also assist with the distribution of minerals so that they


ISSUE 66 • 2023

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