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From floods to pandemics, the last year has been a rocky ride for most of Australia, so it is with great resilience and hope that we start afresh for 2023. Not surprisingly, top of mind for many of our customers is looking after their immune wellness and in stores we see products that once only sold in winter months now selling all year – in particular vitamin C, vitamin D, probiotics and immune support herbs are amongst our most frequently purchased products. While we are fortunate indeed to live in Australia with stable economic and political environments, we do know that the additional challenges of inflation and interest rate rises, and constant pressure on cost of living has hit hard for many and for independent local businesses such as Go Vita, we are there to provide support and wellness advice to local communities especially during these tough times. As a co-operative, Go Vita is owned by its members (our store owners!) so when you shop at Go Vita you are supporting a local business and helping your local economy! Each of our stores is individually owned and operated, each is unique and this, we truly believe, is one of our greatest strengths. Through the collective efforts of the co- operative, our stores are able to offer better prices, extensive product offerings and more services to all customers. Most importantly, when you shop at Go Vita, we are genuinely interested in you! We love what we do and are proud of the reputation we have built for Go Vita – the place to go for trustworthy, professional and personalised health and wellness advice, and an extensive range of products and services. As we begin 2023, we wish that you can start the year with fresh hopes and goals for a re-energised and re-imagined YOU!

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VITAMIN C Plus Bioflavonoids

VITAMIN C Pure Calcium Ascorbate

VITAMIN C Pure Sodium Ascorbate

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