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Flower remedies: The Bach Flower remedies are time-honoured trouble- shooters for anxiety, sadness, insomnia, agitation, negativity and nervous tension. Go Vita loves... Martin & Pleasance Rest & Quiet range. Magnesium: The must-have mineral for poor sleep, anxiety and stress, this inhibits the release of stress hormones like cortisol. Take a supplement or apply it topically to skin. Go Vita loves... Amazing Oils Magnesium Daily Spray Ashwagandha: This herbal medicine is a staple of traditional Indian medicine, and has been proven in modern clinical studies to reduce stress, improve focus and concentration and boost energy. Go Vita loves... products containing the gold standard Ashwagandha KSM66. Attitude: An effective way to develop a more relaxed, calm and peaceful lifestyle is to become aware of our attitudes and beliefs. Often we act on well-established, but inaccurate beliefs. Recognising the beliefs behind our actions is the first step towards changing the way we behave and react to stress. Techniques to try include visualisation, mindful meditation and breathing techniques.

T he fact is, life is stressful. Here are four of our favourite ways to manage stress, stay calm and enjoy your life again. Rush to work, answer emails, meet that deadline ... When we live at a hectic pace, it is easy to forget that it is essential to take time out to manage stress. When we are calm and relaxed we experience greater enjoyment in everything we do, and a sense of joy returns to life. Try these quick and easy tips:


ISSUE 66 • 2023

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