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It’s easy being green When you are busy and rushed, your appetite is the first thing to be affected: you may forget to eat, lose interest in food, overeat or eat foods high in sugar or fat. A good quality diet, rich in leafy green vegetables, carrots, sweet potato, lean protein, beans, berries, sprouted seeds, oily fish, nuts and seeds, oats, and green tea, plus the pre- and probiotic supergreens, like chlorella, spirulina, wheatgrass, bilberry, green tea and barley grass, are full of phytochemicals that boost the immune and cardiovascular systems, protect bones and eyes, detoxify and support and strengthen your body and mind. Go Vita loves … Organic Road Amazing Super Greens Plus, a nutrient-dense, delicious blend of supergreen sprouts, grasses and algae that is extremely rich in chlorophyll and antioxidants to alkalise, cleanse and purify your body.

Take helpful herbs Ashwagandha while an ancient herb has gained popularity in recent years due to its calming and relaxing properties, and research has shown that it can be effective in reducing stress and anxiety. The active ingredient – withanolides - has anti-inflammatory and anti-anxiety effects. One study found that withanolides can help to decrease cortisol levels, which is the hormone that your body releases

when you’re under stress. This means that taking ashwagandha KSM66 ® (the gold standard in ashwagandhas!) can help to reduce your body’s stress response and improve your overall mood. If you’re looking for a natural way to relieve stress and anxiety, give ashwagandha KSM66 ® a try.

Want healthy hair, skin and nails? Fusion Hair, Skin & Nails contains nutrients to support healthy hair, nails and skin, including biotin to decrease hair loss when dietary intake of it is inadequate.

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Always read the label and follow the directions for use.


ISSUE 66 • 2023

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