Antarctica Adventure - 2002

Our flight to Santiago was actually quite rewarding. Not only did we get lunch but we also had enormous feasts for the eyes as we flew over the Andes and up their spine. Such gorgeous alpine scenery with emerald tarns, snow-filled craters, hanging glaciers, snowcone topped volcanoes, and forests on the mountain slopes. It was the most beautiful flight we’ve ever rivaled only by Wilbur Airlines flight from Cordova toAnchorage.

We were met as promised at the Santiago airport and taken to the Radisson Hotel that is situated in a lovely, affluent part of town. It's really a business district adjacent to upscale residential areas. After settling in, we became hungry and asked about places to eat, expecting to be told about the Hotel’s own snack/coffee bar. But as it turned out, they didn't have one. So they told us we could walk a couple of blocks to a street where there were many places to eat. The girl at the desk assured us it was perfectly safe and so we headed out into the night. It was not totally dark and very mild. Pleasant weather perfect for awalk.


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