Antarctica Adventure - 2002

make excellent dams and lodges, but the nutrition they provide does not make for good fur. So nobody traps the beavers and they continue to eat their way through the lenga forests. It really doesn’t pay to fool with Mother Nature. Castor Canadensis evolved in North America and never got to South America by natural migrations and evolutionary pressures and the artificial introduction was not an unqualified success.

Finally 4:30 PM came and we were taken to the ship for a very smooth and quick boarding process and we found ourselves in a luxurious cabin, with a full marble bath, acres of storage space (including closets), a comfortable couch, table and chair, window instead of porthole, twin beds, refrigerator, dresser, TV and VCR, and 3 bedside tables. All this, even though the ship is only 440 feet. long with 85 passenger cabins. It was a wonderful home away from home for this adventure. As soon as everyone was aboard, we were called out for lifeboat drill even before the ship left the harbor. Later on during the voyage, we realized that had we known the kinds of seas we would be facing, the weather conditions, and the icebergs, we would have been much more anxious while hearing all the


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