Antarctica Adventure - 2002

instructions and warnings that were covered during the drill. They were very matter-of-fact about “abandoning ship”, fires on board, getting into lifeboats, and all the other necessary safety procedures. Tied up at the dock in Ushuaia, we could be very blasé about it all too, but later on there were times to reflect.

Mud Room

Next, we did some ship exploration on our own, finding the two different dining rooms, the bars, lounges, and theater as well as the reception desk and the all-important “side gates” though we did not recognize their significance then. The expedition leader, Geoff Green, a Canadian with 57 Antarctic trips to his credit got us together to explain what kind of trip we had signed on for and how things would work on the voyage. We learned about Zodiacs, disembarkation and embarkation procedures, rules for visiting in Antarctica under the terms of the Antarctic Treaty, daily recap and briefing sessions.

We were introduced to the experts on board who would be our guides and teachers: Klemens Putz, a German penguin scientist (one of only 100 such experts in the world):


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