Antarctica Adventure - 2002

But Cape Horn itself showed us an unanticipated friendly face! The sea was calm enough for us to be off for our first Zodiac landing—on the Cape! Who would have ever thought that could be possible? We quickly learned that Zodiac cruising would be fun and we will always be grateful to Jacques Cousteau, their creator. Basically, the little crafts are rubber rafts with a metal flooring, a squared off the back end where the outboard motor sits, with the side tubes of the raft ending in a pencil point shape. They are very stable and quite comfortable aswell.

The passengers sit 4 or 5 to a side on the rounded tube-shaped sides, and the driver stands at the rear handling the motor. If only one person is in the craft, the wind can get under the bottom and create a sail of the whole thing and tip it over front to back. Not a good bind to be in so the drivers are very careful when they are going into the wind with an empty Zodiac.


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